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In these pages we do not put forward arguments for why sustainability is important and why action should be taken. There are other sites which do this already. There are links to some of these below. Instead we concentrate on the contribution that procurement practice can make to dealing with sustainability and what we at UCL are doing.

Sustainability and Climate Change

Often these two terms are used inter-changeably, frequently without definition. The fact is that if the problems arising from climate change could be solved tomorrow sustainability would remain a pressing global issue. Climate change exacerbates sustainability and increases the problems but those problems exist without climate change.

The majority of attention from Governments, media and NGO's tends to focus on climate change. We are happy to support this activity as it contributes towards sustainability problem solving and raises awareness. Thus our primary focus is on contributing towards meeting government targets on Carbon Emission reductions. That said other environmental, social and economic factors are also considered.

Sites About Sustainability

Who Is This Site For

Some pages of this site will mainly be of interest to UCL staff and students while others are intended for suppliers both existing contractors and potential. We have indicated which are which. We welcome any other users who are browsing and hope you find something of interest.