Procurement Services


Becoming a Supplier & Current Contract Opportunities

UCL welcomes approaches from new suppliers, and will always be open and fair in its' selection of supply and service partners. However it is important to note that before UCL enters into a contract or framework agreement with a supplier, a competitive process will usually be undertaken. This is likely to involve UCL requesting a supplier to submit a quotation or a tender for the contract or framework. UCL does not place contracts in response to direct marketing. 

Quotations and Tender Process 

Competition is usually sought by either quotation or tender where the spend is likely to exceed £5,000.

Quotations will usually be sought by telephone or email and are typically for low value purchases.

A more formal quotation or tender process may be followed in writing for higher value purchases where appropriate.

Contract opportunities

All formal UCL tenders are advertised on and processed though our on-line tendering system called In-Tend. In able to view current contract opportunities and apply for tender documents your company MUST firstly complete a free of charge registration process.

Contract Management

UCL considers that contract management is key to a successful business relationship. If your company is awarded a contract or framework agreement we expect you to manage your part of the business and work with us to improve the contract over its lifetime including regular review meetings to discuss, among other things, performance against agreed SLA and KPI targets.