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Sustainable Procurement Charter


With effect from August 2012 all suppliers who are awarded EU tenders by UCL will be required to sign a sustainable procurement charter, committing to developing sustainable practice throughout the supply chain.

An example of a charter is given below:

Between University College London and (Company A)


University College London (UCL) is fully committed to the principles of Sustainable Procurement (SP) and to using its purchasing power to promote good SP practice. Industry understands the importance for companies to become more sustainable in order to remain competitive in the market, bringing benefit to its shareholders, employees and customers. Whilst delivery of operational capability must always be the primary goal, UCL wishes to work actively, and in partnership, with its suppliers and their Trade Associations to capitalise on industry's enterprise and innovation to develop and embed SP principals into procurement and through life management practices.

In this context signatories agree to define SP as a process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services, works and utilities in a way that achieves best value for money on a through life basis with minimal adverse impacts on the environment and society. It follows that SP will consider the environmental, social and economic consequences of design, non-renewable material, energy use; use of hazardous substances; manufacture and production methods; logistics; service delivery; use; operation; maintenance; emissions, reuse; recycling and recovery options; disposal; and suppliers capabilities to address these consequences throughout the supply chain.

With the aim of continual improvement to their economic, environmental and social performance, UCL and (Company A) will, in accordance with this charter, agree to support joint UCL - Industry Activity to :-

  • Educate all layers of the supply chain in the principals of Sustainable Procurement
  • Ensure an informed decision making process to maintain a balance between economic, social and environmental priorities in making purchasing choices, whilst meeting the required operational and business outputs
  • Develop appropriate SP performance measurement criteria
  • Develop and disseminate SP processes and tools that will enable the supply chain to work towards sustainable development and share best practice.

UCL and (Company A) will promote sustainability enhancing processes that represent good practice wherever they are found.

For and on behalf of (Company A)
For and on behalf of University College London










Name: John Feraday

Business Title:Business Title: Director of Procurement