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Information for Suppliers

UCL works with a wide range of suppliers to ensure Procurement related needs are effectively met. On this page you will find guidance on how to become a registered supplier at UCL.

Sustainability: NETpositive

UCL have adopted the NETpositive Supplier Engagement Tool, which enables all our suppliers to receive a bespoke Sustainability action plan. We expect all our suppliers to be signed up to this tool.  

  • To access the tool visit the netpositive.org tool and follow the instructions to create a new log-in.
  • Creating an action plan should take less than half an hour, simply provide your details, explore and select the impacts that relate to your activities and your action plan will be automatically generated. Other Universities are using the tool but you will only have to complete it once – if you are already subscribed via another institution please note this in your response. Please make sure you check the boxes indicating every organisation you supply.

It is important that your business does not have duplicate action plans, therefore if you would like other colleagues to have access to the action plan to work on it also you can use the ‘share’ button facility. 

Please do also check that no-one else in your organisation has already completed a plan (perhaps as a result of a request from another institution).

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