MRC Prion Unit and Institute of Prion diseases


Rotation Project

Programme 1

Simon Mead: Targeted genotyping of candidate SNPs identified by exome sequencing as potential risk factors for Creutzfeldt-Jakob diease. Emmanuelle Vire: Epigenetics in prion diseases.

Programme 2

Parmjit Jat: Uncoupling infectivity and toxicity in in vitro models of prion-induced toxicity.

Programme 3

Tom Cunningham : Transgenic modelling of a novel inherited prion disease associated with PRNP Y163X mutation

Programme 4

Peter Klöhn: Identifying the prion interactome in prion-infected cells

Programme 5

Graham Jackson: Structural and biochemical features that differentiate prion protein amyloid from prion infectivity

Programme 6

Jonathan Wadsworth: Structural characterisation of mammalian prions

Programme 7

Jan Bieschke: Structure and dynamics of prions and their ligand interactions

Programme 8

John Collinge (Director) : Development of a probe for prion protein ligand binding and propagation. Silvia Purro: Characterisation of Aβ and tau strains

Programme 11

Wenjuan Zhang: Structural studies on mechanisms of prion-like protein assemblies in neurodegenerative diseases