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2009Britain’s Oldest Art. The Ice Age Cave Art of Creswell Crags [PDF]Paul Bahn & Paul Pettitt
2009Le Sanctuaire Secret des Bisons. Il y a 14 000 ans, dans la Caverne du Tuc d’Audoubert [PDF]Robert Bégouën, Carole Fritz, Gilles Tosello, Jean Clottes, Andreas Pastoors & François Faist
2009Image and Audience: Rethinking Prehistoric Art [PDF]Richard Bradley
2009Monumental Beginnings: the Archaeology of the N4 Sligo Inner Relief Road [PDF]Ed Dahanher
2009Near the Bend in the River: the Archaeology of the N25 Kilmacthomas Realignment [PDF]Penny Johnston, Jacinta Kiely & John Tierney
2009People of the Long Barrows: Life and Death and Burial in the Earlier Neolithic [PDF]Martin Smith & Megan Brickley

2008Pre-Columbian Jamaica [PDF]P. Allsworth-Jones
2008The First Africans: African Archaeology from the Earliest Toolmakers to the Most Recent Foragers [PDF] Lawrence Barham & Peter Mitchell
2008Målsnes 1: an Early Post-glacial Coastal Site in Northern Norway [PDF]H.P. Blankholm
2008Past Bodies: Body-Centred Research in Archaeology [PDF]ed. Dušan Borić & John Robb
2008Prehistoric Rock Art In The Northern DalesPaul & Barbara Brown
2008Cave ArtJean Clottes
2008Changing Perspectives on the First Millennium BC: Proceedings of the Iron Age Research Student Seminar 2006 [PDF] ed. Oliver Davis, Niall Sharples & Kate Waddington
2008Archaeology and early History of AngusAndrew Dunwell & Ian Ralston
2008Borderlands: the Archaeology of the Addenbrooke’s Environs, South Cambridge [PDF]Christopher Evans, with Duncan Mackay and Leo Webley
2008Neolithic and Bronze Age Landscapes of CumbriaHelen Evans
2008Uplands of Ancient Sicily and Calabria: The Archaeology of Landscape Revisited [PDF]ed. Matthew Fitzjohn
2008Prehistoric and Protohistoric Cyprus: Identity, Insularity and ConnectivityA. Bernard Knapp
2008Life in the Loop: Investigation of a Prehistoric and Romano-British Landscape at Biddenham Loop, Bedfordshire [PDF]Mike Luke
2008Hambledon Hill, Dorset. Excavation and Survey of a Neolithic Monument Complex and its Surrounding Landscape [PDF]Roger Mercer & Frances Healy
2008The Megaliths of Northern Europe [PDF]Magdalena S. Midgley
2008Histories of Archaeology: a Reader in the History of Archaeology [PDF] ed. Tim Murray & Christopher Evans
2008Providia-Solinstata Prehistoric Salt-Production Center. The 2005–2007 Excavation Seasons [PDF]ed. Vassil Nikolov
2008Scottish Odysseys: the archaeology of islandsed. Gordon Noble, Tessa Poller, John Raven & Lucy Verrill
2008Time and Change: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives on the Long-Term in Hunter-Gatherer Societies [PDF]ed. Dimitra Papagianni, Robert Layton & Herbert Maschner
2008Monuments in the Landscape [PDF]ed. Paul Rainbird
2008Rock Art And Ritual: Interpreting the Prehistoric Landscape of the North York MoorsBrian A. Smith & Alan A. Walker
2008Creating Prehistory: Druids, Ley Hunters and Archaeologists In Pre-War Britain [PDF] Adam Stout
2008Monument, Memory and Myth: Use and Re-use of Three Bronze Age Round Barrows at Cossington, Leicestershire [PDF]John Thomas

2007Pigs and Humans: 10,000 Years of Interactioned. U. Albarella, K. Dobney, A. Ervynck and P. Rowley-Conwy
2007The Late Neolithic Tell Settlement at Polgár-Csőszhalom, Hungary. The 1957 Excavation [PDF]Eszter Bánffy & Ida Bognár-Kutzian
2007Kebara Cave Mt Carmel, Israel: The Middle and Upper Palaeolithic Archaeology. Part Ied. Ofer Bar-Yosef and Liliane Meignen
2007Prehistoric Coastal Communities: The Mesolithic in Western Britain [PDF]Martin Bell
2007Building Memories: The Neolithic Cotswold Long Barrow at Ascott-Under-Wychwood, Oxfordshireed. Don Benson and Alasdair Whittle
2007Las espadas del Bronce Final en la Península Ibérica y BalearesDirk Brandherm
2007The Dating of Food Vessels and Urns in Ireland A.L. Brindley
2007Beyond Stonehenge: Essays on the Bronze Age in Honour of Colin Burgessed. C. Burgess, P. Topping, & F. Lynch
2007L’âge du Bronze Age en France Laurent Carroza & Cyril Marcigny
2007Parts and Wholes: Fragmentation in prehistoric context J. Chapman & B. Gaydarska
2007Studies in Northern Prehistory: essays in memory of Clare Felled. P.J. Cherry
2007From Cairn to Cemetery. An Archaeological Investigation of the Chambered Cairns and Early Bronze Age Mortuary Deposits at Cairnderry and Bargrennan White Cairn, South-west ScotlandVicki Cummings and Chris Fowler
2007Prehistoric Journeysed. V. Cummings and R. Johnston
2007Mapping Ancient Landscapes in Northamptonshire [PDF]Alison Deegan and Glenn Foard
2007The Dartmoor Reaves: Investigating Prehistoric Land Divisions [PDF]Andrew Fleming
2007Prehistoric Landscape Development and Human Impact in the Upper Allen Valley, Cranborne Chase, Dorset Charles French, Helen Lewis, Michael J. Allen, Martin Green, Rob Scaife and Julie Gardiner
2007Mapping Doggerland: the Mesolithic Landscapes of the Southern North Seaed. V. Gaffney, K. Thomson and S. Fitch
2007A Line Across Land: Fieldwork on the Isleham-Ely Pipeline Kasia Gdaniec, Mark Edmonds and Patricia Wiltshire
2007Neolithic and Bronze Age Monuments and Middle Iron Age Settlement at Lodge Farm, St Osyth, Essex Mark Germany
2007Warriors and Weapons in Bronze Age EuropeAnthony Harding
2007The Earlier Iron Age in Britain and the Near Continented. Colin Haselgrove and Rachel Pope
2007The Later Iron Age in Britain and Beyonded. Colin Haselgrove and Tom Moore
2007The Atlantic Iron Age: Settlement and Identity in the First Millennium BCJon C. Henderson
2007Archaeology is a Brand! The Meaning of Archaeology in Contemporary Popular CultureCornelius Holtorf (illustrated by Quentin Drew)
2007Archaeological Artefacts as Material CultureLinda M. Hurcombe
2007Archaeology. The Conceptual Challenge Timothy Insoll
2007Archeo-mineralogy of Neolithic and Chalcolithic artefacts from Bulgaria and their significance for gemmology Ruslan I. Kostov
2007From Stonehenge to the Baltic: Living with Cultural Diversity in the Third Millennium BCed. Mats Larsson and Mike Parker Pearson
2007Chalkland: an archaeology of Stonehenge and its regionAndrew Lawson
2007NeolithicSusan Foster McCarter
2007Llyn Cerrig Bach: a study of the copper alloy artefacts from the insular La Tène assemblage P. MacDonald
2007Environmental Archaeology in Ireland ed. E.M. Murphy and N.J. Whitehouse
2007The British Lower Palaeolithic. Stones in Contention John McNabb
2007Finding Time for the Old Stone Age: a History of Palaeolithic Archaeology and Quaternary Geology in Britain, 1860–1960A. O’Connor
2007Bright Blades and Red Metal: Essays on North Italian Prehistoric Metalwork [PDF] Mark Pearce
2007Palaeolithic Cave Art at Creswell Crags in European Contexted. Paul Pettitt, Paul Bahn, Sergio Ripoll and Fransisco Javier Muñoz
2007Feasting and Social Complexity in Later Iron Age East Anglia [PDF] Sarah Ralph
2007Sainte-Anne I Sinzelles, Polignac, Haute-Loire. Le Paléolithique Moyen de l’Unité J1Jean-Paul Raynal
2007In the Shadow of Bennachie: a Field Archaeology of Donside, AberdeenshireRCAHMS
2007House Urns: a European Late Bronze Age Trans-cultural PhenomenonS. Sabatini
2007Archaeology from the Wetlands: Recent Perspectives. Proceedings of the 11th WARP Conference, Edinburgh 2005ed. SWAP
2007Sutton Common: The Excavation of an Iron Age ‘Marsh-fort’ed. Robert Van De Noort, Henry Chapman and John Collis
2007The Early Neolithic on the Great Hungarian Plain. Investigations of the Körös Culture Site of Ecsegfalva 23, County Békés [PDF]ed. Alasdair Whittle
2007Going Over. The Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition in North-West Europe ed. Alasdair Whittle and Vicki Cummings
2007Land, Power and Prestige; Bronze Age Field Systems in Southern England David Yates

2006Scotland’s Hidden History Ian Armit
2006Stone Tools and the Prehistory of the Northern Isles Ann Clarke
2006Mesolithic Britain and Ireland; new approachesed. Chantal Conneller and Graeme Warren
2006Beavers in Britain’s Past B.J. Coles
2006Basal-looped spearheads: typlogy, chronology, context and use Richard Davis
2006Earthen long barrows: the earliest monuments in the British Isles David Field
2006The Iron Age and Romano-British Settlements and Landscapes of Salisbury Plain M.G. Fulford, A.B. Powell, R. Entwistle and F. Raymond
2006Pits, Settlement and Deposition during the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age in East Anglia D. Garrow
2006Excavations at Kilverstone, Norfolk: an Episodic Landscape History. Neolithic pits, later prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon occupation, and later activity D. Garrow, S. Lucy, S. & D. Gibson
2006Social Archaeology of Human Remainsed. Rebbeca Gowland & Christopher Knüsel
2006Çatalhöyük Perspectives: Reports From The 1995–99 Seasons, By Members Of The Çatalhöyük Teams. ed. Ian Hodder
2006Wetland Archaeology and Environments. Regional Issues, Global Perspectivesed. M. Lillie & S. Ellis
2006Inscribed Across the Landscape: The Cursus Enigma Roy Loveday
2006The Prehistoric Archaeology of Settlement in South-East Wales and the Borders Graham A. Makepeace
2006The Ringlemere Cup: Precious Cups and The Beginning Of The Channel Bronze Ageed. Stuart Needham, Keith Parfitt And Gill Varndell
2006Neolithic Scotland: Timber, Stone, Earth and Fire by Gordon Noble Gordon Noble
2006Hillforts: Prehistoric Strongholds of Northumberland National Park Al Oswald, Stewart Ainsworth and Trevor Pearson
2006Bronze Age oak-coffin graves: archaeology and dendro-dating Klavs Randsborg & Kjeld Christensen
2006Die Keramikfunde der Grabung Feddersen Wierde (1. jh. v. bis 5. jh. n. chr.), P. Schmid
2006Die Buntmetallfunde der Grabung Feddersen Wierde: Chronologie – Chorologie – Technologie J. Schuster
2006Animals in the Neolithic of Britain and Europeed. Dale Serjeantson and David Field
2006Homo Britannicus C. Stringer
2006The Archaeology Of Early Egypt David Wengrow

2005Collected papers on Neighbours: Polish-German relations in archaeology - part 2 after 1945 Archaeologia Polona
2005Prehistoric Figurines: Representation and corporeality in the Neolithic Douglass W. Bailey
2005(un)settling the Neolithiced. D. Bailey, A. Whittle and V. Cummings
2005Safonfok, Kosrae: Emergence of Complexity - An archaeological investigation of prehistoric settlement in East Micronesia Felicia Beardsley
2005The Prehistoric Rock Art of Kilmartin Stan Beckensall
2005Hallstatt Textiles. Technical Analysis, Scientific Investigation and Experiment on Iron Age Textiles ed. Peter Bichler, Karina Grömer, Regina Hofmann-de Keijzer, Anton Kern And Hans Reschreiter
2005L'âge du Bronze du nord de la France dans son contexte européened. Jean Bourgeois & Marc Talon
2005The moon and the bonfire. An investigation of three stone circles in north-east Scotland Richard Bradley
2005The Avebury Landscape: aspects of the field archaeology of the Marlborough Downsed. Graham Brown, David Field and David McOmish
2005Prehistoric Stone Circles Aubrey Burl
2005Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual Aubrey Burl
2005Prehistoric Flintwork C. Butler
2005Los Primeros Grupos Neolíticos de la Cuenca Extremeña del Tajo Enrique Cerrillo Cuenca
2005Les Félins de la grotte Chauvet Jean Clottes and Marc Azéma
2005Shadows of a Northern Past: Rock Carvings in Bohuslän and Østfold John Coles
2005Investigating Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Identities: Case Studies from Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Europeed. H. L. Cook, F. Coward, L. Grimshaw and S. Price
2005Set in Stone - New Approaches to Neolithic Monuments in Scotlanded. Vicki Cummings and Amelia Pannett
2005Archaeology and Environment of the Etton Landscape Charles French and Francis Pryor
2005The Hominid Individual in Context; archaeological investigations of lower and middle Palaeolithic landscapes, locales, and artefactsed. Clive Gamble and Martin Porr
2005Les Mammouths de la grotte Chauvet Bernard Gély and Marc Azéma
2005Stonehenge and Timber Circles Alex Gibson
2005Aesthetics and rock arted. Thomas Heyd and John Clegg
2005Inhabiting Çatalhöyük: Reports from the 1995-99 Seasons, by members of the Çatalhöyük teamsed. Ian Hodder
2005Changing Materialities at Çatalhöyük: Reports from the 1995-99 Seasonsed. Ian Hodder
2005Funde ostkarpatenländischen Typs im Karpatenbecken Tibor Kemenczei
2005Formation and change in individual identity between the Bell Beaker culture and the Early Bronze Age in Bavaria, south Germany Jong-Il Kim
2005The Prehistory of the Netherlands ed. L.P. Louwe Kooijmans, P.W. Van Den Broeke, H. Fokkens & A.L. Van Gijn
2005Territories, Boundaries and Cultures in the Neolithic Near East S.K. Kozlowski & O. Aurenche
2005Monuments, Ritual And Regionality: The Neolithic Of Northern Somerset J. Lewis
2005Cronología Absoluta y Periodización de la Prehistoria de las Islas Baleares Rafael Micó Perez
2005The Monumental Cemeteries of Prehistoric Europe Magdalena S. Midgley
2005Tara, the mound of the Hostages Muiris O’Sullivan
2005Warfare, Violence and Slavery in Prehistoryed. M. Parker Pearson & I.J.N.Thorpe
2005African Archaeology David W. Phillipson
2005Flag Fen: Life and Death of a Prehistoric Landscape Francis Pryor
2005Investigating Upper Mesopotamian Households using Micro-Archaeological Techniques Lynn Rainville
2005Determining the Antiquity of Dog Origins: Canine domestication as a model for the consilience between molecular genetics and archaeology Michelle J Raisor
2005Dwelling among the Monuments – the Neolithic village of Barnhouse, Maeshowe passage grave and surrounding monuments at Stenness, Orkneyed. Colin Richards
2005Kilellan Farm, Ardnave, Islay. Excavations of a prehistoric to early medieval site 1954-1976 by Colin Burgess and othersed. Anna Ritchie
2005Ferrybridge Henge: The Ritual Landscape. Archaeological investigations at the site of the Holmfield Interchange of the A1 Motorwayed. I. Roberts
2005From Megaliths to Metals (for George Eogan) ed. H. Roche, E. Grogan, J. Bradley, J. Coles & B. Raftery
2005Stone Knapping: The Necessary Conditions For A Uniquely Hominin Behavioured. Valentine Roux And Blandine Bril
2005Cornwall in Prehistory Toni-Maree Rowe
2005Monuments megalithique de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irland Chris Scarre
2005The Human Past ed. Chris Scarre
2005Discovering Dorothea - The Life of the Pioneering Fossil-Hunter Dorothea Bate Karolyn Shindler
2005Archaeological Finds: a guide to identification Norena Shopland
2005A Finds Manual: excavating, processing and storing Norena Shopland
2005Fertile Ground, Papers in Honour of Susan Limbreyed. D.N. Smith, M.B. Brickley & W. Smith
2005Bronzefunde aus Rumänien IIed. Tudor Soroceanu
2005Perspectives on Hominid Behaviour and Settlement Patterns: a study of the Lower Palaeolithic sites in the Luonan Basin, China S. Wang
2005Mesolithic Lives in Scotland Graeme Warren
2005Prehistoric pottery-making of the Russian Far East Irina S. Zhushchikhovskaya (translated and ed. By Richard L. Bland & C. Melvin Aikens).

2004An Archaeology of Images M. Aldhouse-Green
2004Collected papers on Neighbours: Polish-German relations in archaeology - part 1 to 1945 Archaeologia Polona
2004Lascaux. Le geste, l'espace et le temps Norbert Aujoulat
2004The Archaeology of Mediterranean Prehistoryed. Emma Blake and A Bernard Knapp
2004Forgotten Africa: An Introduction to its Archaeology Graham Connah
2004Long barrows of the Cotswolds and surrounding areas Timothy Darvill
2004Zepterträger – Herrscher Der Steppen. Die Frühen Ockergräber Des Älteren Äneolithikums Im Karpaten-Balkanischen Gebiet Und Im Steppenraum Südost- Und Osteuropas Balgoje Govedarica
2004A Record in Stone: The Study of Australia’s Flaked Stone Artefacts Simon Holdaway and Nicola Stern
2004LBK Dialogues. Studies in the formation of the Linear Pottery Cultureed. A. Lukes & M. Zvelebil
2004Le premier âge du Fer en France centrale Pierre-Yves Milcent
2004Prehistoric Chershire Victoria and Paul Morgan
2004South Uist: Archaeology and History of a Hebridean Island Mike Parker Pearson, Niall Sharples And Jim Symonds
2004Stonehenge. A History In Photographs Julian Richards
2004Scotland in Ancient Europe: The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of Scotland in their European Contexted. Ian A G Shepherd & Gordon J Barclay
2004The Materiality of Stone; Explorations in landscapes of phenomenology: 1 Christopher Tilley with the assistance of Wayne Bennett
2004Irish Megalithic Tombs (2nd edn) Elizabeth Shee Twohig
2004The Joy of Flint Clive Waddington
2004Lithics in Actioned. Elizabeth A. Walker, Francis Weban-Smith and Frances Healy

2003Towers In The North: The Brochs Of Scotland Ian Armit
2003Neolitni pogrebalni obredi. Intramuralni grobove ot Bulgarskite zemi v konteksta na Jugoiztochna Evropa i Anatolia (Neolithic Mortuary Practices. Intramural burials in Bulgaria in their southeast European and Anatolian context) Krum Bacvarov
2003Prehistoric Rock Art of the West Riding; cup-and-ring marked rocks of the valley of the Aire, Wharfe, Washburn and Nidd K.J.S. Boughey and E.A. Vickerman
2003Les pratiques funéraires néolithiques avant 3500 av. J.-C. en France et dans les régions limitrophes. Table ronde SPF, Saint-Germain-en-Laye 15-17 juin 2001ed. Philippe Chambon & Jean Leclerc
2003Return to Chauvet Cave. Excavating the Birthplace of Art: The First Full Report Jean Clottes and 29 other authors
2003Hjortspring: a Pre-Roman Iron-Age Warship in Contexted. Ole Crumlin-Pedersen and Athena Trakadas
2003Le Rocher de la Caille: un site magdalénien du plein air au Saut-du-Perroned. H. Deloge & L. Deloge
2003Prehistoric Sitagroi: Excavations in Northeast Greece, 1968-1970. Volume 2: The Final Reported. Ernestine E. Elster and Colin Renfrew
2003Power and Island Communities: excavations at the Wardy Hill ringwork, Coveney, Ely Christopher Evans
2003Le Néolithique de Chypre. Actes du Colloque International Organisé par le Départment des Antiquités de Chypre et l´École Française d´Athènes, Nicosie 17-19 Maied. Jean Guilaine and Alain Brun
2003Researching the Iron Ageed. Jodie Humphrey
2003Archaeology and the National Roads Authorityed. J O'Sullivan
2003Britain B.C. Francis Pryor
2003Le site mésolithique des Baraquettes (Velzic, Cantal) et le peuplement de la moyenne mantagne catalienne, des origines à la fin du mésolithiqueed. F. Surmely
2003Artifacts and Ideas: essays in archaeology Bruce G. Trigger
2003Neanderthals And Modern Humans In The European Landscape During The Last Glaciation: Archaeological Results Of The Stage 3 Projected. Tjerd van Andel And William Davies

2002In The Shadow of the Brochs: The Iron Age in Scotlanded. B. Balin Smith and I Banks
2002Prehistoric Rock Art in Cumbria: Landscapes and Monuments Stan Beckensall
2002Landscapes, Rock-Art and the Dreaming: An Archaeology of Preunderstanding David Bruno
2002Décors, Images et Signes de l’âge du fer Européened. O Buchenshutz, A Bulard, M-B Chardenoux and N Gidoux
2002The Prehistory of the East Midlands Claylands: aspects of settlement and land-use from the Mesolithic to the Iron Age in central England Patrick Clay
2002Solutré 1968-1998ed. Jean Combier & Anta Montet-White
2002The Neolithisation of Denmark - 150 years of debateed. Anders Fischer and Kristian Kristiansen
2002Crannogs: a study of people’s interaction with lakes, with particular reference to Lough Gara in the north-west of Ireland Christina Fredengren
2002Matériaux, productions, circulations du Néolithique à l’Age du Bronzeed. Jean Guilain
2002Sand, Stones, and Bones: The Archaeology of Death in the Wadi Tanezzuft Valley (5000-2000 BP)ed. Savino Di Lernia & Giorgio Manzi
2002The Field Archaeology of the Salisbury Plain Training Area David McOmish, David Field and Graham Brown
2002The Archaeology of Southern Africa Peter Mitchell
2002An Archaeological History of Japan: 30,000 B.C. to A.D. 700 Koji Mizoguchi
2002Industrie de l’os préhistorique, cahier x: compresseurs, percuteurs, retouchoirsed. Marylène Patou-Mathis
2002Avebury: the Biography of a Landscape Joshua Pollard and Andrew Reynolds
2002Downland Settlement and Land-use: The Archaeology of the Brighton Bypass D. Rudling
2002Monuments of the British Neolithic: the roots of architecture Miles Russell
2002The buried soul: how humans invented death Timothy Taylor

2001Human Roots. Africa and Asia in the Middle Pleistoceneed. L. Barham and K. Robson-Brown
2001Le Berry antique: milieu, hommes, espaces, Supplément No.21 à la Revue archéologique du Centre C. Batardy, O. Buchsenschutz and F. Dumasay
2001Settlement Dynamics of the Middle Palaeolithic and Middle Stone Ageed. N. J. Conard
2001Les Néandertaliens de La Chaiseed. Silvana Condemi
2001Studying Human Origins. Disciplinary History and Epistemologyed. Raymond Corbey and Wil Roebroeks
2001Discovering Prehistoric England A Gazetteer of Prehistoric Sites James Dyer
2001A Millennium of Saltmaking: Prehistoric and Romano-British Salt Production in the Fenlanded. Tom Lane and Elaine L Morris
2001Earliest Italy: An Overview of the Italian Paleolithic and Mesolithic Margherita Mussi
2001Acheulian Culture in Peninsular India: An Ecological Perspective R.S. Pappu
2001Hengeworld Mike Pitts
2001Seahenge Francis Pryor
2001Estuarine Archaeology. The Severn and Beyonded. Stephen Rippon
2001A New Link to the Past: The Archaeological Landscape of the M1-A1 Link Roaded. I. Roberts, A. Burgess and D. Berg
2001La gestión de los recursos minerales en las sociedades cazadoras-recolectoras Xavier Terradas

2000Paviland Cave and the 'Red Lady' A definitive Reported. Stephen Aldhouse-Green
2000Excavations on the Norwich Southern Bypass, 1989-91, Part I: Excavations at Bixley, Caistor St Edmund, Trowse, Cringleford and Little Melton T. Ashwin and S. Bates
2000An Island Archaeology of the Early Cyclades Cyprian Broodbank
2000Landscapes of Neolithic Ireland Gabriel Cooney
2000Coins and Power in Late Iron Age Britain John Creighton
2000Rekem: a Federmesser Camp on the Meuse River Bank Marc De Bie and Jean-Paul Caspar
2000Environmental Archaeology Principles and Practice Dena Feran Dincauze
2000Late Iron Age and Roman Silchester: excavations in the site of the forum-basilica 1977, 1980-1986 Michael Fulford and Jane Timby
2000The Archaeology of Geological Catastrophesed. J.W. McGuire, D.R. Griffiths and P. Hancock
2000Middle Palaeolithic Occupation and Technology in Northwestern Greece: The Evidence from Open-Air Sites Dimitra Papagianni
2000Life on a Neolithic Site: Bylany - A Situational Analysis of Artefacts Ivan Pavlu
2000Time Depth in Historical Linguisticsed. Colin Renfrew, April McMahon & Larry Trask
2000Mansio Idimum - Roman Post Station near Medvedja Miloje Vasic and Gordana Milosevic
2000Air Photo Interpretation for Archaeologists D.R. Wilson

1999British Prehistoric Rock Art Stan Beckensall
1999Unravelling the Landscape: An Inquisitive Approach to Archaeologyed. Mark Bowden
1999The Archaeology of Ardleigh, Essex, excavations 1955-1980 N.R. Brown
1999Grooved Ware in Britain and Ireland (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers 3)ed. Rosamund Cleal and Ann Macsween
1999Irish Prehistory: a social perspective Gabriel Cooney & Eoin Grogan
1999The Cerne Giant: An Antiquity on Trail T. Darvill, K. Barker, B. Bender and R. Huttons
1999Land of the Iceni: The Iron Age in Northern East Angliaed. John Davies and Tom Williamson
1999New Agendas in Irish Prehistory: papers in commemoration of Liz Andersoned. Angela Desmond, Gina Johnson, Margaret McCarthy, John Sheehan and Elizabeth Shee-Twohig
1999The Palaeolithic Societies of Europe Clive Gamble
1999Culture of Stone. Sacred and profane uses of stone among the Dani O.W. "Bud" Hampton
1999A Zest for Life: the Story of Alexander Keiller Lynda J Murray
1999From Forager to Farmer in Flint: A Lithic Analysis of the Prehistoric Transition to Agriculture in Southern Scandinavia Michael Stafford
1999The barbarians speak: how the conquered peoples shaped Roman Europe Peter S. Wells
1999Excavations at Ferriter's Cove, 1983-95: last foragers, first farmers in the Dingle Peninsula Peter C. Woodman,Elizabeth Anderson and Nyree Finlay

1998Farmers in Prehistoric Britain Francis Pryor

1994Le Industrie Litiche del Giacimento Paleolitico di Isernia la Pineta: la Tipologia, le Tracce di Utilizzazione, la Sperimentazioneed. Carlo Peretto

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