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Advice for Prospective Reviewers

  • Book Reviews

    Reviews are published on The Prehistoric Society website. When you agree to review a book we will decide a timetable which will be listed on the webpage. Accepting to review a book entitles you to keep it providing that we receive a review appropriate for the web site, but the book remains the property of The Prehistoric Society until we receive your review. Please browse the web site and look at the dozens of reviews there. The reviews editor reserves the right to edit any review, or refuse publication if it is not deemed appropriate.

  • What format should I use?

    Submit your review in MS Word either by mail on a floppy or by e-mail.

    Title and author(s) should be in bold at 14 pt.
    Followed by - publisher: date (edition if necessary); number of pages; number of text figures/illustrations; number of plates; ISBN (of the volume you have read) and in parentheses the cost (e.g. £ $ € ).
    Your name and affiliation at the end.
    All of these should be at 12 pt.


    Prague Institute of Archaeology. 2000. 340 pages, 17 photographs, 3 maps. ISBN 80-86124-24-X. (£ / $ / &euro).

  • Where should I send my review to?

    Dr Michael J Allen


  • How long should my review be?

    Generally between 1000 and 2000 words but up to about 2500, as long as it conveys an idea of the nature and ‘value’ of the book.

  • What should I write?

    That's up to you, but we do want you to say how you think the volume advances scholarship in the area of interest. It is useful to give the reader some idea of the contents of the tome, the areas, themes etc that it covers, and how you think it advances or complements studies in that area.
    Don't forget you are responsible for what you say in your review - you are expressing your personal opinions. However the Society does ask you to express your opinions in as constructive a way as possible.

  • What are my responsibilities as reviewer?

    It is your responsibility to ensure that your review is factually correct, that spellings, punctuation and grammar are correct, and that you complete your review within the mutually agreed timetable.
  • What are my deadlines?

    Will all reviewers please note the following. When you agree to review a book for the Prehistoric Society you will be asked to give a realistic date to submit it by, although we understand that in some cases it may be necessary to slightly extend the deadline.
    We take the review process seriously and expect all our reviewers to do the same. Consequently when you agree to review a book for us we will add your name and your submission date to a list on the reviews web page. Your name will stay on the list until we receive the review from you.

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