Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society

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Vol. 73, 2007
Placing pits: Landscape Occupation and Depositional Practice During the Neolithic in East Anglia Duncan Garrow1
Hillforts at War: From Maiden Castle to Taniwaha Pâ Ian Armit25
Problems in the Stone Age of South-east Asia Revisited T.E.G. Reynolds39
A Henge Too Far? Reinterpreting the Neolithic Monument Complex at Milfield, Northumberland Benjamin Edwards59
From Big Houses to Cult Houses: Early Neolithic Timber Halls in Scotland Kenneth Brophy75
What Have Reconstructed Roundhouses Ever Done for Us..? Stephen Townend97
Beyond the Grave: Human Remains from Domestic Contexts in Iron Age Atlantic Scotland Ian Armit And Victoria Ginn113
Adorning the Living but Not the Dead: Understanding Ornaments in Britain c. 1400–1100 cal BC Ben Roberts135
British Iron Age Diet: Stable Isotopes and Other Evidence Mandy Jay And Michael P. Richards169
A Late Upper Palaeolithic site at La Sagesse Convent, Romsey, Hampshire Chantal Conneller And Chris Ellis191
A Collection of Early Upper Palaeolithic Artefacts from Beedings, near Pulborough, West Sussex and the Context of Similar Finds from the British Isles Roger Jacobi229
Families, Prestige Goods, Warriors and Complex Societies: Beaker Groups and the 3rd Millennium cal BC Volker Heyd327
The Antler Maceheads Dating Project R. Loveday, A. Gibson, P. D. Marshall, A. Bayliss, C. Bronk Ramsey and H. van der Plicht381

Vol. 72, 2006
Genes, Fossils, and Culture. An Overview of the Evidence for Neandertal–Modern Human Interaction and Admixture Joăo Zilhăo1
A Levallois Knapping Site at West Thurrock, Lower Thames, UK: its Quaternary Context, Environment, and Age D.C. Schreve, P. Harding, M.J. White, D.R. Bridgland, P. Allen, F. Clayton, D.H. Keen and K.E.H. Penkman21
Launde, a Terminal Palaeolithic Camp-site in the English Midlands and its North European Context Lynden P. Cooper53
New AMS Dates for Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Camp Sites and Single Finds in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia (Germany) Judith M. Grünberg95
'Total Archaeology' and Model Landscapes: Excavation of the Great Wilbraham Causewayed Enclosure, Cambridgeshire, 1975–6 Christopher Evans, Mark Edmonds and Steve Boreham113
Excavations at a Neolithic Enclosure at Lower Luggy, near Welshpool, Powys, Wales Alex Gibson163
Pig Hunting and Husbandry in Prehistoric Italy: a Contribution to the Domestication Debate Umberto Albarella, Antonio Tagliacozzo, Keith Dobney And Peter Rowley-Conwy193
On the Origins and Development of Cursus Monuments in Britain Julian Thomas229
Beer and Bell Beakers: drinking rituals in Copper Age Inner Iberia Manuel Ángel, Rojo-Guerra, Rafael Garrido-Pena, Íńigo García-Martínez-De-Lagrán, Jordi Juan-Treserras and Juan Carlos Matamala243
Argonauts of the North Sea – a Social Maritime Archaeology for the 2nd Millennium BC Robert Van de Noort267
Towards Familiar Landscapes? On the Nature and Origin of Middle Bronze Age Landscapes in the Netherlands Stijn Arnoldussen And David Fontijn289
Beacon on the Ridge. Rock Carvings at Kasen Lövĺsen, Bohuslän, Sweden John Coles319
Monuments and Memories Set in Stone: a Cornish Bronze Age Ceremonial Complex in its Landscape (on Stannon Down) Andy M. Jones341
Ironworking in the Bronze Age? Evidence from a 10th century BC Settlement at Hartshill Copse, Upper Bucklebury, West Berkshire Mark Collard, Timothy Darvill And Martin Watts367
Guard Chambers': an Unquestioned Assumption in British Iron Age Studies Mark Bowden423

Vol. 71, 2005
Excavations at the Lower Palaeolithic Site at Elveden, Suffolk, UK Nick Ashton, Simon Lewis, Simon Parfitt, Ian Candy, David Keen, Rob Kemp, Kirsty Penkman, Gill Thomas, John Whittaker and Mark White1
'At the Edge of the World ...' Hominid Colonisation and the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic of the West Midlands. A.T.O. Lang and D.H. Keen 63
Spatial Relationships, Dating and Taphonomy of the Human Bone from the Mesolithic site of Cnoc Coig, Oronsay, Argyll, Scotland Christopher Meiklejohn, Deborah C. Merrett, Richard W. Nolan, Michael P. Richards and Paul A. Mellars85
'In this Chambered Tumulus were Found Cleft Skulls ...': an Assessment of the Evidence for Cranial Trauma in the British Neolithic Rick J. Schulting and Michael Wysocki107
Pit Clusters and the Temporality of Occupation: an Earlier Neolithic Site at Kilverstone, Thetford, Norfolk Duncan Garrow, Emma Beadsmoore and Mark Knight139
Rethinking the 'Cursus Problem' - Investigating the Neolithic Landscape Archaeology of Rudston, East Yorkshire, UK, using GIS Henry P. Chapman 159
Transforming Beaker Culture in North-West Europe; Processes of Fusion and Fission Stuart Needham171
Beaker Settlement and Environment on the Chalk Downs of Southern England Michael J. Allen219
Property Relations in the Bronze Age of South-western Europe: an Archaeological Analysis of Infant Burials from El Argar (Almeria, Spain). Vicente Lull, Rafael Micó Pérez, Cristina Rihuete Herrada and Roberto Risch247
Croft Moraig and the Chronology of Stone Circles Richard Bradley and Alison Sheridan269
The Cronk yn How Stone and the Rock Art of the Isle of Man Timothy Darvill and Blaze O'Connor283
Life by the River: a Prehistoric Landscape at Grendon, Northamptonshire Jonathan Last333
Landscape, Memory and Material Culture: Interpreting Diversity in the Iron Age Helen L. Loney and Andrew W. Hoaen361

Vol. 70, 2004
The Late Upper Palaeolithic Lithic Collection from Gough’s Cave, Cheddar, Somerset and Human Use of the cave Roger Jacobi1
Palaeolithic Cave Engravings at Creswell Crags, England Sergio Ripoll, Francisco Muńoz, Paul Bahn and Paul Pettitt93
Petroglyphs of Kahikinui, Maui, Hawaiian Islands: Rock Images within a Polynesian Settlement Landscape S. Millerstron and P. V. Kirch107
Metaphorical journeys: landscape, monuments and the body in a Scottish neolithic Shannon Marguerite Fraser129
The Neolithic Landscape of the Carnac Region, Brittany: New Insights from Digital Approaches Corinne Roughley153
Bridge to the Outer World: Rock Carvings at Bro Utmark, Bohuslän, Sweden John Coles173
Dorothy Garrod’s Excavations in the Late Mousterian of Shukbah Cave in Palestine Reconsidered Jane Callander207
Early Hominin Activity Traces at FxJj43, a One and a Half Million Year Old Locality in the Koobi Fora Formation, in Northern Kenya: a Field Report Nicola Stern233
Reading Early Agriculture at Kuk Swamp, Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea: the Archaeological Features (Phases 1–3) T.P. Denham, J. Golson and P.J. Hughes259
Crowning Glories: Languages of Hair in Later Prehistoric Europe Miranda Aldhouse-Green299

Vol. 69, 2003
The Survey and Excavation of a Bronze Age Timber Circle at Holme-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, 1998–9. Mark Brennand and Maisie Taylor 1
Beyond Star Carr: The Vale of Pickering in the 10th Millennium BP Chantal Conneller and Tim Schadla-Hall85
An Early Mesolithic Seasonal Hunting Site in the Kennet Valley, Southern England. Chris Ellis, Michael J. Allen, Julie Gardiner, Phil Harding, Claire Ingrem, Adrienne Powell and Robert G. Scaife107
The Middle Palaeolithic Site of Karabi Tamchin (Crimea, Ukraine): 1999–2001 Excavation Seasons. A. Yevtushenko, A. Burke, C.R. Ferring, V. Chabai and K. Monigal137
Mesolithic to Bronze Age Vegetation Change and Human Activity in the Exe Valley, Devon. R.M. Fyfe, A.G. Brown and B J. Coles161
Off-site Artefact Distribution and Land-use Intensity in Turkish Thrace. Burçin Erdogu183
Archaeological and Palaeo-environmental Investigations of the Upper Allen Valley, Cranborne Chase, Dorset (1998–2000): a New Model of Earlier Holocene Landscape Development. Charles French, Helen Lewis, Michael J. Allen, Robert G. Scaife And Martin Green201
Long Mounds and Megalithic Origins in Western France: Recent Excavations at Prissé-la-Charričre. Chris Scarre, Luc Laporte And Roger Joussaume235
A Cup-marked Stone from Dan-y-garn, Mynachlog-Ddu, Pembrokeshire, and the Prehistoric Rock-art from Wales. Timothy Darvill And Geoffrey Wainwright253
A Middle Bronze Age House and Burnt Mound at Bestwall, Wareham, Dorset: an Interim Report. Lilian Ladle And Ann Woodward265
Ceramic Petrology and Prehistoric Pottery in the UK. Elaine L. Morris And Ann Woodward279
Another Look at the Cuxton Handaxe Assemblage. Andrew D. Shaw And Mark J. White305
A Middle Palaeolithic Site at Lynford Quarry, Mundford, Norfolk: Interim Statement. W.A. Boismier315

Vol. 68, 2002
Making the Most of it: Late Prehistoric Pastoralism in the Avon Levels, Severn Estuary Julie Gardiner, Michael J. Allen, Sheila Hamilton-Dyer, Moira Laidlaw, and Robert G. Scaife1
Taking the High Ground: Continental Hill-forts in Bronze Age Contexts Margarita Primas41
Valuable and Useful: Mid-Holocene Stemmed Obsidian Artefacts from West New Britain, Papua New Guinea Nick Araho, Robin Torrence and J. Peter White 61
An Investigation of Ancient Cultivation Remains at Hengistbury Head Site 6, Christchurch, Dorset Helen Lewis83
Rock-Art and the History of Puritjarra Rock Shelter, Cleland Hills, Central Australia E. Rosenfeld and M.A. Smith103
Between Mountains and Sea: a Reconsideration of the Neolithic Monuments of South-west Scotland Vicki Cummings 125
Prehistoric Foragers and Farmers in South-east Asia: Renewed Investigations at Niah Cave, Sarawak Graeme Barker 147
Visual Culture in Prehistoric South-east Italy Robin Skeates165
A Neolithic Trackway within Peat Deposits at Silvertown, London A.D. Crockett, Michael J. Allen and Robert G. Scaife 185
Chariots of the Gods? Landscape and Imagery at Frännarp, Sweden John Coles 215
Excavation of a Neolithic Wooden Platform, Stirlingshire Clare Ellis, Anne Crone, Eileen Reilly and Paul Hughes 247
Landscape, Ecology and Mentalités: a Long-term Perspective on Developments in the Meuse-Demer-Scheldt Region Nico Roymans and Fokke Gerritsen257
The Mesolithic Inheritance: Contrasting Neolithic Monumentality in Eastern and Western Scotland Denise Telford289

Vol. 67, 2001
'Metropolitan' and 'Parochial'/'Core' and 'Periphery': a historiography of the Neolithic of Scotland Gordon J. Barclay 1
Energetic Activities of Commoners John Coles19
Excavations at Koongine Cave: Lithics & Land-use in the Terminal Pleistocene & Holocene of South Australia C.F.M. Bird & David Frankel49
A Prehistoric Field System and Related Monuments on St David's Head and Carn Llidi, Pembrokeshire Kenneth Murphy 85
Excavations at a Neolithic Cursus, Springfield, Essex, 1979-85 D.G. Buckley, J.D. Hedges & N. Brown 101
A Late Bronze Age Human Skull and Associated Worked Wood from a Lancashire Wetland Colin E. Wells & David Hodgkinson163
The Lower Palaeolithic Industry from Azé Cave (Saône et Loire) France: a case study of an assemblage without any handaxes Marie-Hélčne Moncel, Claire Gaillard and Jean Combier 175
A Very Model of a Modern Human Industry: New perspectives on the origins and spread of the Aurignacian in Europe William Davies195
Palaeolithic Archaeology at the Swan Valley Community School, Swanscombe, Kent Francis Wenban-Smith and David Bridgland218
Revisiting the Earliest Human Presence in Mallorca, Western Mediterranean Damiŕ Ramis & Josep Antoni Alcover261
New AMS dates from Upper Palaeolithic Kastritsa Galanidou and P.C. Tzedakis271

Vol. 66, 2000
Island Britain - Peninsular Britain: Palaeogeography, Colonisation, and the Lower Palaeolithic Settlement of the British Isles Mark J. White and Danielle C. Shreve1
Intra- and Inter-Site Variability within the Levantine Upper Palaeolithic Evidence from Jebel Humeima (J142), South West Jordan Kristopher W. Kerry29
The Context and Definition of Upper Palaeolithic Industries in Panhpir, Orissa, India Asok Datta47
Pit-digging and Structured Deposition in the Neolithic and Copper Age of Central and Eastern Europe John Chapman61
The Social Origins of Cooking and Dining in Early Villages of Western Asia Katherine J. Wright89
Deconstructing 'The Sense of Place'? Settlement Systems, Field Survey and the Historic Record: A Case Study from Central Greece John Bintliff123
Power Pulses Across a Cultural Divide: Cosmologically Driven Acquisition Between Armorica and Wessex Stuart P. Needham151
The Lower Palaeolithic Site at Red Barns, Portchester: Bifacial Technology, Raw Material Quality, and the organisation of Archaic Behaviour Francis Wenban-Smith, Clive Gamble and Arthur Apsimon209
Glandy Cross: A Later Prehistoric Monumental Complex in Carmarthenshire, Wales Trevor Kirk and George Williams257
Bronze Age Accessory Cups from Lincolnshire: Early Bronze Age Pot? Carol Allen and David Hopkins297
A Late Bronze Age Landscape at South Hornchurch, Essex E.B.A.Guttman and J. Last319
Křkkenmřddinger (Shell Middens) in Denmark: A Survey Sřren H. Andersen361
The Effects of Fire on Archaeological Soils and Sediments: Temperature and Colour Relationships M.G.Canti and N. Linford385
The British Lower Palaeolithic: Out of the Doldrums Derek E. Roe397

Vol. 65, 1999
Craniology and the Adoption of the Three-Age System in Britain Michael A. Morse1
Cairnpapple Revisited: 1948-1998 Gordon J. Barclay 17
Assembly and Collection - Lithic Complexes in the Cambridgeshire Fenlands Mark Edmonds, Christopher Evans and David Gibson47
A Cache of Flint Axeheads and Other Flint Artefacts from Auchenoan, near Campbeltown, Kintyre, Scotland Alan Saville83
The Ronaldsway Pottery of the Isle of Man: A Study of Production, Decoration and Use Steve Burrow125
Houses, Lifecycles and Deposition on Middle Bronze Age Settlements in Southern England Joanna Brück145
The Dancer on the Rock: Record and Analysis at Järrestad, Sweden John Coles167
A Petrographic Investigation of a Corpus of Bronze Age Cinerary Urns from the Isle of Anglesey John Williams and David Jenkins189
Flint Use in England after the Bronze Age: Time for a Re-Evaluation R. Young and J. Humphrey231
The Hinxton Rings - a Late Iron Age Cemetary at Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, with a Reconsideration of Northern Aylsford-Swarling Distributions J.D. Hill, Christopher Evans and Mark Alexander243
Late Pleistocene Megafauna and Archaeology from Cuddie Springs, South-eastern Australia Judith Field and John Dodson275
Resharpening and Recycling of Flint Bifacial Tools from the Southern Levant Neolithic and Chalcolithic Ran Barkai303
Chronology of Greece and South-east Europe in the Final Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Mats Johnson319
Excavation and Environmental Analysis of a Neolithic mound and Iron Age Barrow Cemetary at Rathdooney Beg, County Sligo, Ireland Charles Mount337
Sand Fiold: The Excavation of an Exceptional Cist in Orkney Magnar Dalland373
Megalithic Art and Society George Eogan415
Honor the Past and Imagine the Future Geoffrey Wainwright447
The Late Chalcolithic Pottery From the Sites of Kavakli and Yumurta Tepe in the Province of Edirne, Eastern Thrace Burçin Erdogu457
The Coup': How did the Prehistoric Society of East Anglia Become the Prehistoric Society? Pamela Jane Smith465

Vol. 64, 1998
The Stone Knight, the Sphinx and the Hare: New Aspects of Early Figural Celtic Art Otto-Herman Frey 1
On the Significance of Acheulean Biface Variability in Southern Britain Mark J. White 15
Doggerland: a Speculative Survey B.J. Coles 45
Long Barrows and Neolithic Elongated Enclosures in Lincolnshire: An Analysis of the Air Photographic Evidence Dilwyn Jones 83
Arenas of Action? Enclosure Entrances in Neolithic Western France c. 3500–2500 BC Chris Scarre 115
Parc le Breos Cwm Transepted Long Cairn, Gower, West Glamorgan: Date, Contents, and Context Alasdair Whittle and Michael Wysocki 139
Constructing Houses and Building Context: Bersu's Manx Round-house Campaign Christopher Evans 183
The Public Forum and the Space Between: the Materiality of Social Strategy in the Irish Neolithic Shannon Marguerite Fraser 203
Bryn Eryr: An Enclosed Settlement of the Iron Age on Anglesey David Longley 225
The Changing Provenance of Red Ochre at Puritjarra Rock Shelter, Central Australia: Late Pleistocene to Present M. A. Smith, B. Fankhauser, and M. Jercher 275
Neolithic/Early Bronze Age Pit Circles and their Environs at Oakham, Rutland Patrick Clay 293
A Late Iron Age Mirror Burial from Latchmere Green, near Silchester, Hampshire Michael Fulford and John Creighton 331
A Late Iron Age Burial from Chilham Castle, near Canterbury, Kent Keith Parfitt 343

Vol. 63, 1997
37,000 Years and More in Tropical Australia: Investigating Long-Term Archaeological Trends in Cape York Peninsula Bruno David and Harry Lourandos 1
Radiocarbon Evidence for the Lateglacial Human Recolonisation of Northern Europe R.A. Housley, C.S. Gamble, M. Street, and P. Pettitt 25
Dating and the Prehistory of the Balearic Islands Pedro V. Castro Martínez, Sylvia Gili Surińach, Paloma González Marcén, Vicente Lull, Rafael Micó Pérez and Cristina Rihuete Herrada 55
Rock Art in Morocco Fatima-Zohra Sbihi Alaoui and Susan Searight 87
Meaning in the Later Prehistoric Rock-Engravings of Mont Bégo, Alpes-Maritimes, France Lawrence Barfield and Christopher Chippindale 103
Bronze Age `Barrows' and Funerary Rites and Rituals of Cremation Jacqueline I. McKinley 129
Leskernick: Stone Worlds; Alternative Narratives; Nested Landscapes Barbara Bender, Sue Hamilton, and Christopher Tilley 147
A Middle Bronze Age Round-house at Glanfeinion, near Llandinam, Powys W.J. Britnell, R.J. Silvester, A.M. Gibson, A.E. Caseldine, K.L. Hunter, S. Johnson, S. Hamilton and A. Vince 179
Early Ironworking and its Impact on the Environment: Palaeoecological Evidence from Bryn y Castell Hillfort, Snowdonia, North Wales T.M. Mighall and F.M. Chambers 199
The Iron Age Enclosures and Prehistoric Landscape of Sutton Common, South Yorkshire M. Parker Pearson and R.E. Sydes 221
The Wickliffe Mounds Project: Implications for Late Mississippi Period Chronology, Settlement, and Mortuary Patterns in Western Kentucky Kit W. Wesler 261
The Upper Palaeolithic Site of Ciuntu on the Middle Pruth, Moldavia: a multidisciplinary study and reinterpretation I.A. Borziac, Philip Allsworth-Jones, Charles French, S.I. Medyanik, W.J. Rink and H.K. Lee 285
Boxgrove, West Sussex: Rescue excavations of a Lower Palaeolithic Landsurface (Boxgrove Project B, 1989-91) M.B. Roberts, S.A. Parfitt, M.I. Pope, and F.F. Wenban-Smith 303
Palaeolithic Barbed Point from Gransmoor, East Yorkshire, England Charles Sheldrick, J. John Lowe, and Michael J. Reynier 359
Italy in Europe in the Early Iron Age A-M. Bietti Sestieri 371
Two Previously Unrecorded Jadeite Axeheads from North-east Scotland Neil G.W. Curtis 403
Review article Clive Gamble 407

Vol. 62, 1996
Back into the North: The Radiocarbon Evidence for the Human Recolonisation of the North Western Ardennes after the Last Glacial Maximum Ruth Charles1
On Bovid Assemblages and their Consequences for the Knowledge of Subsistence Patterns in the Middle Palaeolithic Sabine Gaudzinski19
Neolithic and Bronze Age Norfolk Trevor Ashwin41
Where Eagles Dare: the Iron Age of Norfolk John A. Davies63
Iron Age Riverside Pit Alignments at St. Ives, Cambridgeshire Joshua Pollard93
Ritual and Landscape on the West Coast of Scotland: an Investigation of the Stone Rows of Northern Mull R.D.Martlew and C.L.N.Ruggles117
Seeing the Sites: Survey and Excavation on the Anglezarke Uplands, Lancashire Christine Howard-Davis133
Archaeology and Environment of a Bronze Age Cairn and Prehistoric and Romano-British Field System at Chysauster, Gulval, near Penzance, Cornwall George Smith167
Bramcote Green, Bermondsey: a Bronze Age Trackway and Palaeo-Environmental Sequence Christopher Thomas and James Rackham221
The Excavation of Cairns at Blawearie, Old Bewick, Northumberland Ian Hewitt and Stan Beckensall255
The Topography of some Barrow Cemetaries in Bronze Age Wessex A.B.Woodward and P.J.Woodward275
Crown' Antler Maceheads and the Later Neolithic in Britain D.D.A.Simpson293
The Stone Axe in Neolithic Britain Michael Pitts311
Night and Day: the Symbolism of Astral Signs on Later Iron Age Anthropomorphic Short Swords A.P.Fitzpatrick373
The Production of Copper Alloys in Iron Age Britain D.B.Dungworth399
Jeitun: Recent Excavations at an Early Neolithic Site in Southern Turkmenistan D.R.Harris, C.Gosden and M.P.Charles423

Vol. 61, 1995
Patterns of the peasant landscape H.T. Waterbolk1
Coygan Cave, Laugharne, south Wales, a Mousterian site and hyaena den: a report on the University of Cambridge excavations Stephen Aldhouse-Green, Katherine Scott, Henry Schwarcz, Rainer Grün, Rupert Housley, Angela Rae, Richard Bevins and Mark Redknap37
Persistent places in the Mesolithic landscape: An example from the Black Mountain uplands of South Wales R.N.E.Barton, P.J. Berridge, M.J.C. Walker and R.E. Bevins81
Social histories and regional perspectives in the Neolithic of Lowland England Jan Harding117
Structured deposition at Woodhenge J. Pollard137
Food for the living: a reassessment of a Bronze Age barrow at Buckskin, Basingstoke, Hampshire Michael J. Allen, Michael Morris and R.H. Clark157
A Bronze Age settlement and ritual centre in the Monavullagh Mountains, County Waterford, Ireland Michael J. Moore191
A place for the dead: the role of human remains in Late Bronze Age Britain Joanna Brück245
Animate objects: A biography of prehistoric 'axe-amulets' in the central Mediterranean region Robin Skeates279
Mortuary ritual of 4th millenium BC Malta: the Zebbug period chambered tomb from the Brochtorff Circle at Xaghra (Gozo) Caroline Malone, Simon Stoddart, Anthony Bonanno, Tancred Gouder and David Trump303
Rock art and the prehistoric landscape of Galicia: the results of field survey 1992-1994 Richard Bradley, Felipe Criado Boado and Ramón Fábregas Valcarce347
Living artefact, personal ecosystem, biocultural schizophrenia: a novel synthesis of processual and post-processual thinking Ben Cullen371
Vessey Ponds: a 'prehistoric' water supply in east Yorkshire? Colin Hayfield, John Pouncett and Pat Wagner393
The production of specialised flintwork in the later Neolithic: a case study from the Yorkshire Wolds Tess Durden409
Stone axe manufacture: new evidence from the Presceli Hills, west Wales A.David and G. Williams433
Investigating the distribution of Group VI debitage in the central Lake District Aaron Watson461

Vol. 60, 1994
Pathways to World Prehistory Presidential Address David R. Harris1
Prehistoric Soul Beliefs in Northern Europe Bo Gräsland15
The Philosopher and the Field Archaeologist: Collingwood, Bersu and the Excavation of King Arthur's Round Table Richard Bradley27
Plant Use in the Mesolithic and its Role in the Transition to Farming Marek Zvelebil35
A Reindeer Antler or 'Lyngby' axe from Northamptonshire and its context in the British Late Glacial Jill Cook and Roger Jacobi75
Newgrange -Science or Symbolism Andrew B.Powell85
Jade Axes from Scotland: a comment on the distribution and supplementary bnotes Jane Murray97
Survey and Test Excavations in the Badari Region, Egypt D.L.Holmes and R.F.Friedman105
Excavations at the Sarn-y-bryn-caled Cursus Complex, Welshpool, Powys, and the timber circles of Great Britain and Ireland Alex Gibson143
Redating Rams Hill and reconsidering Bronze Age enclosure Stuart P. Needham and Janet Ambers225
Prehistoric Copper minig on the Great Orme, Llandudno, Gwynedd Andrew Dutton and Peter J.Fasham245
Excavations of a Bronze Age unenclosed Cemetary, Cairns and field boundaries at Eagleston Flat, Curbar, Derbyshire 1984, 1989-1990 John Barnett287
Production and Distribution of Pottery and Salt in Iron Age Britain: a Review Elaine L. Morris 371
An Iron Age Barrow, Burial at Bromfield, Shropshire Evan Gwilym Hughes395
Zoomorphic Iron Age Sculpture in Western Iberia: Symbols of Social and Cultural Identity? Jesus R.Alvarez-Sanchis403
Absolute' dating of Mesolithic human activity at Satr Carr, Yorkshire: new Palaeoecological Studies and Identification of the 9600BP radiocarbon 'Plateau' S.P.Day and P.A.Mellars417
Lithic Artefacts from test-pit excavations on Lundy: Evidence for Mesolithic and Bronze Age Occupation A.J.Schofield423
Aspects of Ritual Deposition in the Late Neolithic and Beaker Periods at Newgrange, Co. Meath Charles Mount433
Shells and Sherds: Identification of Inclusions in Grooved Ware, with Associated Radiocarbon dates, from Amesbury Rosamund M.J.Cleal, John Cooper and David Williams445

Vol. 59, 1993
Problems in the Stone Age of South-east Asia T.E.G.Reynolds1
Prolom II, a Middle Palaeolithic cave site in the eastern Crimea with non-utilitarian bone artefacts V.N.Stepanchuk17
Archaeological Investigation at two Lesotho rock-shelters: terminal Pleistocene/early Holocene assemblages from Ha Makotoko and Ntloana Tsoana P.J.Mitchell39
Social Change and land use in prehistoric Dalmatia J.Chapman and R.Shiel61
Tool-kits and burial rites: the case of the Janislawice Mesolithic grave A.J.Tomaszewski and R.Willis105
Excavations at Heywoods, Barbados, and the economic basis of the Suazoid Period in the Lesser Antilles P.L.Drewett113
An environmental history of the upper Kennet Valley, Wiltshire, for the last 10,000 years J.G.Evans, S.Limbrey, I.Máté and R.Mount139
A Neolithic downland monument in its environment: excavations at the Easton Down Long Barrow, Bishops Cannings, north Wiltshire A.Whittle, A.J.Rouse and J.G.Evans197
Beakers: deconstruction and after H.Case241
The siting of Prehistoric rock art in Galloway, south-west Scotland R.Bradley, J.Harding and M.Mathews269
The Dorsey: a reinterpretation of an Iron Age enclosure in South Armagh N.B.Aitchison285
The excavation of Caesar's Camp, Heathrow, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, 1944 W.F.Grimes and J.Close-Brooks303
Excavation and survey of sub-peat features of Neolithic and Iron Age date at Bharpa Carinish, North Uist, Scotland A.Crone361
Segmented embanked pit-alignments in the North York Moors: a survey by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England C.A.Lofthouse383
Individuals, groups and the Palaeolithic record: a reply to Clark S.Mithen393
A reconsideration of the 'Ain Sakhri' figurine B.Boyd and J.Cook399

Vol. 58, 1992
The Balkans in the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic: the gate to Europe or a cul-de-sac? J.K. Kozlowski1
Choppers and the Clactonian: a reinvestigation N. Ashton, J.McNabb and S. Parfitt21
A newly discovered female engraving from Courbet (Penne-Tarn), France J. Cook and A.-C. Welté29
The population of Late Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Britain C. Smith37
Excavations of a Mesolithic site at Thatcham, Berkshire F. Healy, M. Heaton and S.J. Lobb41
Excavations at Mad Mans Window, Glenarm, Co. Antrim: problems of flint exploitation in east Antrim P.C. Woodman77
A comment on Mithen's ecological interpretation of Palaeolithic art G.A. Clark107
A reassessment of the origins of the Predynastic in Upper Egypt D. Tangri111
The excavation of an oval barrow beside the Abingdon causewayed enclosure, Oxfordshire R. Bradley127
Excavations in the Neolithic and Bronze Age complex at Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, 1947-1952 and 1981 A. Whittle, R.J.C. Atkinson, R. Chambers and N. Thomas143
The development and date of Avebury M. Pitts and A. Whittle203
The Sanctuary, Overton Hill, Wiltshire: a re-examination J. Pollard213
Ancient forests in Spain: a model for land-use and dry forest management in south-west Spain from 4000BC to 1900AD A.C. Stevenson and R.J. Harrison227
The Penrith henges: a survey by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England P. Topping249
Excavations and metal-working at Llwyn Bryn-dinas hillfort, Llangedwyn, Clwyd C.R. Musson, W.J. Britnell, J.P. Northover and C.J. Salter265
Excavations at three early Bronze Age burial monuments in Scotland C.J. Russell-White, C.E. Lowe and R.P.J. McCullagh285
Excavation of a Bronze Age cemetary at Ewanrigg, Maryport, Cumbria R.H. Bewley, I.H. Longworth, S. Browne, J.P. Huntley and G. Varndell325
The Bronze Age round barrows of Kent L.V. Grinsell355
Long-handled 'weaving combs' in the Netherlands C. Tuohy385
Stone axe studies in Ireland J.A. Sheridan, G. Cooney and E. Grogan389

Vol. 57(1), 1991
Proceedings of the Conference on Palaeolithic art held in Oxford, 1989: Introduction A.J. Lawson1
Red deer hunters on Colonsay? The implications for the interpretation of the Oronsay middens S.J. Mithen and B. Finlayson1
The social context for European Palaeolithic art C. Gamble3
A cybernetic wasteland'? Rationality, emotion and Mesolithic foraging S.J. Mithen 9
The hollow men? A reply to Steve Mithen J. Thomas15
The female image: a 'time factored' symbol. A study in style and aspects of image use in the Upper Palaeolithic A. Marshack17
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Fürstensitze', Celts and the Mediterranean world: developments in the West Hallstatt culture in the 6th and 5th centuries BC C. Pare183
A Late Iron Age burial enclosure at Maldon Hall Farm, Essex: excavations 1989 N.J. Lavender203

Vol. 56, 1990
Bones in Africa: Presidential Address Thurstan Shaw1
The location of Baker's Hole Francis Wenban-Smith11
Stone Tools and Palaeolithic settlement in the Iberian Peninsula C. Michael Barton15
WHS 784 X (Yutil al-Hasa): A Late Ahmarian site in the Wadi Hasa, west-central Jordan Deborah I. Olszewski, Geoffrey A. Clark and Suzanne Fish33
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A model for the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in the upper Kennet valley, north Wiltshire Alasdair Whittle101
Notes on some Late Neolithic and Bronze Age events in long barrow ditches in southern and eastern England J.G.Evans111
Petrographic analysis of hammerstones from the Neolithic quarries at Great Langdale Richard Bradley and Roger Suthren117
A preliminary study of polished stone artefacts in prehistoric southern Italy Graham O'Hare123
Two Beaker burials from Chilbolton, Hampshire Andrew D. Russel153
Two cordoned urns from Fan y Big, Brecon Beacons, Powys C. Stephen Briggs, William J. Britnell and Alex M. Gibson173
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Prehistoric copper mining in south-west Ireland: the Mount Gabriel type mines William O'Brien269
A vase ŕ anse from Guernsey in the Channel Islands Helen A.L. Nilen291
Concentric antenna enclosures - a new defended enclosure type in West Wales Terence James295
Before Babel: A review article Norman Yoffee299
Anthropomorphic wooden figurines from Britain and Ireland Bryony Coles315

Vol. 55, 1989
The Neolithic quarries and axe-factory sites of Great Langdale and Scafell Pike: a new field survey Philip Claris and James Quartermaine1
The circulation of Neolithic stone and flint axes: a case study from Wales and the mid-west of England Timothy Darvill 27
The prehistoric rock art of Great Britain: a survey of all sites bearing motifs more complex than simple cup-marks Ronald W.B. Morris45
The Colfryn hillslope enclosure, Llansantffraid Deuddwr, Powys: excavations 1980-1982 William Britnell89
Ground stone tools from Serra Orlando (Morgantina) and stone axes studies in Sicily and southern Italy Robert Leighton135
Early cultivation in Northumberland and The Borders Peter Topping161
Some results of new investigations at Kapova Cave in the southern Urals V.E.Shchelinsky181
Ritual hoarding in Migration-period Scandinavia: a review of recent interpretations John Hines193
Mesolithic and Neolithic activity and environmental impact on the south-east fen-edge in Cambridgeshire Alan G. Smith, Alasdair Whittle, Edward W. Cloutman and Lorraine Morgan207
Sticks and stones: a possible experimental solution to the question of how the Clacton spear point was made John McNabb251
A comparison of the Medieval White Castle flute with the Chalcolithic example of Veyreau Paula M.T. Scothern257
Henge monuments: reappraisal or reductionism? G.J. Barclay260
A survey of the Iron Age enclosure and chevaux-de-frise at Carn Alw, Dyfed H.C. Mytum and C.J. Webster263
A new survey of Ingleborough hillfort, North Yorkshire M.C.B.Bowden, D.A. Mackay and N.K. Blood267

Vol. 54, 1988
Palaeoenvironments in the Vale of Pickering. Part 1: Stratigraphy and palaeogeography of Seamer Carr, Starr Carr and Flixton Carr E.W. Cloutman1
Palaeoenvironments in the Vale of Pickering, Part 2: Environmental history at Seamer Carr E.W. Cloutman21
Palaeoenvironments in the Vale of Pickering, Part 3: Environmental history at Starr Carr E.W. Cloutman and A.G. Smith37
Neolithic explanations revisited: the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Britain and south Scandinavia Julian Thomas59
Material culture texts and social change: a theoretical discussion and some archaeological examples Ian Hodder67
Excavation of a possible Neolithic long barrow or mortuary enclosure at Rivenhall, Essex, 1986 D.G. Buckley, H. Major and B. Milton77
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Two late prehistoric circular enclosures near Harlech, Gwynedd Richard S. Kelly101
Survey and excavation of ring cairns in SE Dyfed and on Gower, West Glamorgan Anthony H. Ward153
The Street House Wossit: the excavation of a Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age palisaded ritual monument at Street House, Loftus, Cleveland B.E. Vyner173
Armorican vases ŕ anses and their occurrence in southern Britain David J. Tomalin203
Cows and kings: models for zimbabwes Graeme Barker 223
The evolution of the Minorcan Pretalayotic culture as evidenced by the sites of Morellet and Son Mercier de Baix Cristina Rita241
A Late Bronze Age enclosure at Loft's Farm, Essex N. Brown249
The invention of words for the idea of 'Prehistory' Christopher Chippindale303
Tranchet axe manufacture from Cliffe, Kent Nick Ashton315
The chalk plague pit, Amesbury Philip Harding320
Status, wealth and the chronological ordering of cemetaries Richard Bradley327
An archaeological investigation of early mineworkings on Copa Hill, Cwmystwyth: new evidence for prehistoric mining Simon Timberlake and Roy Switsur329

Vol. 53, 1987
Excavations of Cass ny Hawin, a Manx Mesolithic site, and the position of the Manx microlithic industries P.C. Woodman1
The Neolithic causewayed enclosure at Staines, Surrey: excavations 1961-3 Reay Robertson-Mackay23
Excavation of Bronze Age funerary cairn at Manor Farm, near Borwick, North Lancashire A.C.H. Olivier129
Bronze Age cremation cemetaries in the East Midlands Carol S.M. Allen, Mary Harman and Hazel Wheeler187
Excavations at Hog Cliff Hill, Maiden Newton, Dorset Ann Ellison and Philip Rahtz223
Calleva Atrebatum: an interim report on the excavation of the oppidum, 1980-86 Michael Fulford 271
A preliminary lithic analysis of the Mousterian site of 'Ain Difla (WHS site 634) in the Wadi Ali, West-central Jordan John Lindly and Geofrrey Clark279
Magdalenian settlement and subsistence in south-west Germany Gerd-G. Weniger293
Houses and the changing residential unit: domestic architecture at PPNB 'Ain Ghazal, Jordan E.B. Banning and Brian F. Byrd309
A preliminary survey of Late Neolithic settlements at el-Ghirqa, eastern Jordan Alison Betts and Svend Helms327
The archaeology of social complexity in south-east Queensland M.J. Morwood337
Stages in the chronological development of hoards and votive deposits Richard Bradley351
Mesolithic sites at Malham Tarn and Great Close Mire, North Yorkshire D.J. Williams, J.A.Richardson and R.S. Richardson363
The Bronze Age settlement at Thorny Down: pots, post-holes and patterning Ann Ellison 385
Bronze Age settlement on the East Moors of the Peak District of Derbyshire and South Yorkshire John Barnatt393
Early co-axial field systems on the East Anglia boulder clays Tom Williamson419
Further finds from the Le Câtillon hoard Andrew Fitzpatrick amd J.V.S. Megaw433
Pottery making in Igboland, Eastern Nigeria: an ethno-archaeological study A. Ikechukwu-Okpoko445
Towards a reappraisal of henge monuments: origins, evolution and hierarchies T. Clare457
Structure and sequence in the Neolithic deposits at Runnymede S.P. Needham and M.R. Trott479
A jadeite axe from Droxford, Hampshire and its regional context A.J. Schofield483
A late neolithic pottery deposit at Ash Hill long barrow, Swinhope, Lincs Patricia Philips and Julian Thomas485
Root-holes or stake-holes? A re-examination of the evidence at Rams Hill, Berkshire Malcolm Reid489
A 'horn-cap' mould from Beckford, Worcestershire J.D. Hurst and J. Wills492
Three finds of Bronze Age metalwork from the Vale of York J.R. Watkin493

Vol. 52, 1986
Flag Fen, Fengate, Peterborough I: discovery, reconnnaisance and intitial excavation (1982-85) Francis Pryor, Charles French and Maisie Taylor1
A reconsideration of the Tramore passage-tombs Sean Ó Nualláin and Paul Walsh25
The excavation of a neolithic oval barrow at North Marden, West Sussex, 1982 Peter Drewett31
Eight ring ditches at Four Crosses, Llandysilio, Powys, 1981-85 Walt Warrilow, Glyn Owen and William Britnell53
Diaton analysis of clays and late neolthic pottery from the Milfield Basin, Northumberland A.M. Gibson89
Neutron activation analysis of later prehistoric pottery from the Western Isles of Scotland Patrick G. Topping105
Alternative sources in regional exchange systems: a gravity model approach Sylvia Chappell131
A dated stone axe-hammer from Cleethorpes, South Humberside Kevin Leahy143
British rapiers with trapezoidal butt found in Belgium Eugene Warmenbol153
Excavations of an Iron Age defended enclosure at Tattershall Thorpe, Lincolnshire Peter Chowne, the late Maureen Girling and James Greig159
Handaxe assemblages from the Didwana region, Thar Desert, India: a metrical analysis C. Gaillard, D.R. Raju, V.N.Misra and S.N. Rajaguru189
Excavation of the Lower Palaelithic site at Amey's Eartham Pit, Boxgrove, West Sussex: a preliminary report M.B. Roberts215
Milking the stones or an acheulean aggregation locality on the Yiron Plateau in Upper Galilee Milla Y. Ohel247
Towards a reappraisal of henge monuments T. Clare281
Recent work at North Ferriby, North Humberside S.V.E Heal317
A newly discovered causewayed enclosure at Eton Wick, near Windsor, Berkshire Steve Ford319
Comments on Kirkhead Cave, and Upper Palaeolithic site in northern England C.R. Salisbury321
The stratigraphy of Kirkhead Cave, an Upper Palaeolithic site in northern England: a comment R. Tipping323
Towards a critical archaeology?: Review article Stephen Shennan327
Urnes of no small variety': Collared Urns reviewed: Review article Colin Burgess339
Digging for symbols in science and history: a reply: Review article Ian Hodder352

Vol. 51, 1985
The Prehistoric Society: From East Anglia to the World Grahame Clark1
The Prehistoric Society: Prehistory and Society Robert Chapman15
The Carbon-14 chronology of the early and middle neolithic of southern Italy Andrew Sargent31
Colonization and succession: the earlier neolithic of central Europe N.J. Starling41
Individual and community: the changing role of megaliths in the Orcadian Neolithic Niall Sharples59
The 'Politicultivo Ganadero' or the Secondary Revolution in Spanish agriculture, 5000-1000bc R.J. Harrison75
A multi-phased barrow and possible henge monument at West Ashby, Lincolnshire Naomi Field103
Ritual enclosures at Whitton Hill, Northumberland Roger Miket137
The pit alignment at Eskbank Nurseries J. Barber149
Winklebury hillfort: a study of artefact distributions from subsoil features A.R. Fisher167
Roxby Iron Age settlement and the Iron Age in north-east Yorkshire R. Inman, D.R.Brown, R.E. Goddard and D.A.Spratt181
Excavations at Copse Farm, Oving, West Sussex Owen Bedwin and Robin Holgate215
British Iron Age strap-unions R.J. Taylor and J.W. Brailsford247
The palaeoenvironment of some archaeological sites in Greece: the influence of accumulated uplift in a seismically active area Geoffrey King and Geoffrey Bailey273
The stratigraphy of Kirkhead Cave, an Upper Palaeolithic site in northern England Stephen J. Gale and Christopher D. Hunt283
An excavation at Avebury, Wiltshire, 1982 J.G. Evans, M.W. Pitts and Diane Williams305
Some newly discovered ritual monuments in mid Devon F.M. Griffith310
A Grooved Ware pit and prehistoric spademarks on Hengistbury Head (Site 6) Dorset, 1984 Amanda Chadburn and Julie Gardiner315
A La Tene strap-junction from Churchdown, Gloucestershire M.J. Watkins319
Digging for symbols: the archaeology of everyday material life: Review article Aram A. Yengovan329

Vol. 50, 1984
The pressure of the past: Presidential Address G.J. Wainwright1
Palaeolithic archaeology in the Mongolian People's Republic: a report on the state of the art Myra Shackley23
The acheulean in Asia? A review of 'Research on Korean Palaeolithic Culture' William S. Ayres and Song Nai Rhee35
The Japanese palaeolithic: a review T.E.G. Reynolds and G.L. Barnes49
Early palaeolithic in Moravia, Czechoslovakia Karel Valoch63
Far'ah II: a middle palaeolithic open-air site in the Northern Negev, Israel Isaac Gilead and Caroline Grigson71
The ecology of neolithic farming systems as exemplified by the Avebury region of Wiltshire R.W. Smith99
Intensive survey of prehistoric sites in the Stilo region, Calabria Ian Hodder and Caroline Malone121
The excavation of a neolithic cairn at Street House, Loftus, Cleveland B.E. Vyner151
Stone circles and megalithic mathematics John Barnatt and Gordon Moir197
The nature of the source and the manufacture of Scottish battle-axes and axe-hammers M.B. Fenton217
A Bronze Age glass bead from Wilsford, Wiltshire: Barrow G42 in the Lake Group Maragret Guido, Julian Henderson, Michael Cable, Justine Bayley and Leo Biek245
The excavation of eighteen round barrows near Shrewton, Wiltshire Charles Green and Stephen Rollo-Smith255
Structured round cairns in West Central Wales D.K. Leighton319
An early Iron Age farmstead: Site Q of the Assendelver Polders project L.L. Therkorn, R.W. Brandt, J.P. Pals and M. Taylor351
Copper mining at Mount Gabriel, Co. Cork: Bronze Age bonanza or post-famine fiasco? A reply John S. Jackson375
Multistage strategy for sampling settlement sites: an example from Poland W. Brzezinski, M. Dulinicz, Z. Kobylinski, B. Lichy and A. Moszczynski377
Moving and erecting the menhirs A. Thom382
A barbed point from Porth-y-waen, Llanyblodwel, Shropshire William Britnell385
A Middle Bronze Age looped palstave from Ollerton, Childs Ercall, Shropshire Bruce Bennison386

Vol. 49, 1983
Experiments to investigate the effects of heat treatment on use-wear on flint tools Deborah Seitzer Olausson1
Asprochaliko and Kastritsa: further investigations of palaeolithic settlement and economy in Epirus (North-west Greece) G.N. Bailey, P.L. Carter, C.S. Gamble and H.P. Higgs15
Excavations at Cherhill, North Wiltshire, 1967 J.G. Evans and I.F. Smith43
Valley sediments as evidence of prehistoric land-use on the South Downs Martin Bell119
The Carrowmore megalithic cemetary, Co. Sligo F.T. Kitchin151
Prehistoric settlement in the Peak District during the third and second millenia bc: a preliminary analysis in the light of recent fieldwork Richard Bradley and Clive Hart177
The prehistoric landscape of Dartmoor. Part 2: North and East Dartmoor Andrew Fleming195
Centralized storage in later prehistoric Britain Henry Gent243
A mirror burial at Dorton, Buckinghamshire Michael Farley269
The palaeoecological setting of Cefn Gwernffrwd - a prehistoric complex in Mid-Wales F.M. Chambers 303
Copper mining at Mount Gabriel, Co. Cork: Bronze Age bonanza or post-famine fiasco? Stephen Briggs317
Bouqras revisited: preliminary report on a project in Eastern Syria P.A. Akkermans, J.A.K. Boerma, A.T. Clason, S.G. Hill, E. Lohof, C. Meiklejohn, M. Le Mičre, G.M.F. Molgat, J.J. Roodensberg, W. Waterbolk-can Rooyen and W. van Zeist335
Early copper in the Balkans J.C. Chapman and R.F. Tylecote373
The date of the Dorset cursus M. Bowden, R. Bradley, V. Gaffney and L. Mepham376

Vol. 48, 1982
Site location and site hierarchy in prehistoric Thailand C.F.W Higham, Amphan Kijngam and B.J.F. Manly1
Artificial stone arrangements in the Acheulean site of Mitzpeh Yiron, Israel Milla Y. Ohel29
Azilian pebbles in British collections: a re-examination Claude Couraud and Paul G. Bahn45
Settlement patterns and landscape change: the Late Neolithic and the Bronze Age in the Marais poitevin area of Western France C.J. Scarre53
On the Road to Stonehenge: report on the investigations beside the A344 in 1968, 1979 and 1980 Michael W. Pitts75
The excavation of two round barrows at Trelystan, Powys William Britnell133
The Shaugh Moor project: fourth report - environment, context and conclusion N.D. Balaam, K. Smith and G.J. Wainwright203
Bromfield, Shropshire - Neolithic, Beaker and Bronze Age sites, 1966-79 S.C. Stanford279
Later Bronze Age downland economy and excavations at Black Patch, East Sussex Peter Drewett321
The origins and early development of European fibulae John Alexander and Sheila Hopkin401
Iron Age coin moulds from France J. Tournaire, O. Buchsenschutz, J. Henderson and J. Collis417
Cemetaries and settlement patterns in the Iron Age on the Yorkshire Wolds John S. Dent437
Smelting copper ore from Rudna Glava, Yugoslavia R.F. Tylecote459
Thermal alteration in mesolithic assemblages T. Douglas-Price, Sylvia Chappell and David J. Ives467
A Middle Bronze Age ornament hoard from South Wonston, Hampshire Michael Hughes and Timothy Champion487
A probable long barrow, High Melton, South Yorkshire John Barnatt and Philip Reader489
A flint dagger from Ffair Rhos, Ceredigion, Dyfed, Wales H. Stephen Green, Christopher H. Houlder and Lawrence H. Keeley492

Vol. 47, 1981
A model of regional archaeological structure Robert Foley1
The re-excavation of Zarzi, 1971 Ghanim Wahida19
Pattern and process in the earliest colonisation of the Mediterranean islands J.F. Cherry41
Excavations at the Neolithic enclosure on Bury Hill, Houghton, West Sussex, 1979 Owen Bedwin 69
Excavations in the prehistoric ritual complex near Milfield, Northumberland A.F. Harding87
Pit alignments in the Milfield Basin, and the excavation of Ewart I Roger Miket137
A Bronze Age cemetary at Kimpton, Hampshire Maxwell Dacre and Ann Ellison147
The Shaugh Moor Project: third report - settlement and environmental investigations K. Smith, J. Coppen, G.J. Wainwright and S. Beckett205
Middle Bronze Age trade between Britain and Europe: a maritime perspective Keith Muckleroy275
Double-ring roundhouses, probable and possible, in Prehistoric Britain Graeme Guilbert299

Vol. 46, 1980
Presidential Address: the donkey and the tail J.M. Coles1
Some aspects of the prehistory of northern Italy from the Final Palaeolithic to the Middle Neolithic: a reconsideration of the evidence available to date Paolo Biagi9
Fish otoliths as evidence of seasonality in prehistoric shell middens: the evidence from Oronsay (Inner Hebrides) P.A.Mellars and M.R. Wilkinson19
Stone axes as a guide to Neolithic communities and boundaries in England and Wales W.A. Cummins45
Carbonised cereals from Grooved Ware contexts Martin Jones61
The Shaugh Moor project: second report - the enclosure G.J. Wainwright and K. Smith65
A 'head and hoofs' burial beneath a round barrow, with other Neolithic and Bronze Age sites, on Hemp Knoll, near Avebury, Wiltshire M.E. Robertson-Mackay123
An assemblage of Late Bronze Age metalworking debris from Dainton, Devon Stuart Needham177
Two Late Bronze Age settlements on the Kennet gravels: excavations at Aldermaston Wharf and Knight's Farm, Burghfield, Berkshire Richard Bradley, Sue Lobb, Julian Richards and Mark Robinson217
The pottery fo the later Bronze Age in Lowland England John Barrett297
Carbonised plant remains from tow Iron Age sites in central Hampshire M.A. Monk and P.J. Fasham321

Vol. 45, 1979
The Shaugh Moor Project: First report G.J. Wainwright, A. Fleming and K. Smith1
Hunting strategies in the Central European Palaeolithic Clive Gamble 35
Further excavations at Nympsfield chambered tomb, Gloucestershire, 1974 Alan Saville53
The production and distribution of Mesolithic axes in Southern England Verna Care93
The technology of Primary copper mining in South-East Europe B. Jovanovic103
Two recent British shield finds and their continental parallels Stuart Needham111
The mammalian remains from the Jericho Tell Juliet Clutton-Brock135
Prehistoric boats, timber, and woodworking technology Sean McGrail159
The later history of Icenian electrum torcs P.R. Sealey165
Foreign elements in Etruscan arms and armour: 8th to 3rd centuires B.C. P.F. Stary179
Excavation of three long barrows near Avebury, Wiltshire Paul Ashbee, I.F. Smith and J.G. Evans207
Earthen long barrows and timber structures: aspects of the Eary Neolithic mortuary practice in Denmark Torsten Madsen301
Winklebury Camp, Basingstoke - a note Ken Smith321
Flint flake dimensions in the British Neolithic M. Farley322
A prehistoric bow fragment from Drumwhinny Bog, Kesh, Co. Fermanagh W. Glover323

Vol. 44, 1978
The use and character of wood in prehistoric Britain and Ireland J.M. Coles, S.V.E. Heal and B.J. Orme1
A Bronze Age flint industry from a barrow site in Micheldever Wood, Hampshire P.J. Fasham and J.M Ross47
Excavation at Killeaba, Ramsey, Isle of Man A.M. Cubbon69
The prehistoric landscape of Dartmoor. Part 1: South Dartmoor A. Fleming97
Water mythology and the distribution of Palaeolithic parietal art P.G. Bahn125
Characterization of Deverel-Rimbury pottery from Cranbourne Chase J. Barrett, R. Bradley, R. Cleal and H. Pike135
Linear Pottery Culture houses: reconstruction and manpower W. Startin143
Causewayed Camps and Early Neolithic economies in central southern England G. Barker and D. Webley161
Artefacts from the Boat-site at North Ferriby, Humberside, England E.V. Wright187
Aibunar - A Balkan copper mine of the fourth millenium B.C. E.N. Cernych203
Excavations at a Neolithic causewayed enclosure, Orsett, Essex, 1975 J. Hedges and D. Buckley219
The excavation of an Iron Age souterrain and settlement at Carn Euny, Sancreed, Cornwall P.M.L. Christie309
Notes on Palaeolithic flakes from Ilford K.P. Oakley and M. Newcomer435
A pre-Roman coin from Canterbury and the ship represented on it K. Muckleroy, C. Haselgrove and D. Nash439

Vol. 43, 1977
Prehistory in the Seventies, at home and abroad J.D. Evans1
A reappraisal of the Clacton spearpoint K.P. Oakley, P. Andrews, L.H. Keeley and J.D. Clark13
The excavation of Winklebury Camp, Basingstoke, Hampshire K. Smith31
The defences of the Iron Age hill-fort at Winklebury, Basingstoke, Hampshire R. Robertson-Mackay131
Recent excavations at Newferry, Co. Antrim P.C. Woodman155
The excavation of a Neolithic causewayed enclosure on Offham Hill, East Sussex, 1976 P. Drewett201
Rock carvings of chariots in Transcaucasia, Central Asia and Outer Mongolia M.A. Littauer 243
Excavations on Pilsdon Pen, Dorset, 1964-71 P.S. Gelling263
Third supplement to the catalogue of jade axes from sites in the British Isles V. Jones, A.C. Bishop and A.R. Woolley287
Engraved and plain bone tools from Jiita, Lebanon, and their Early Kebaran context L. Copeland and F. Hours295
Stages of 'Neolithisation' in southern France P. Phillips, A. Aspinall and S. Feather303
Iron Age burial in southern Britain R. Whimster317
Earlier Neolithic enclosures in north-west Europe A. Whittle329
Pieces in vertical movement: a model for rock shelter archaeology A. Siiriäinen349
Hand-axes from beneath glacial till at Welton-le-Wold, Lincolnshire, and the distribution of palaeoliths in Britain J.J. Wymer and A. Straw355
On the problems of studying prehistoric climate and crop agriculture R.W. Dennell361

Vol. 42, 1976
The inception of the Iron Age in temperate Europe T.G.E. Powell1
Fire ecology, animal populations and man: a study of some ecological relationships in prehistory P.A. Mellars15
Palmette and circle: early Celtic art in Britain and its continental background O-H. Frey and J.V.S. Megaw47
Britain inside and outside Mesolithic Europe R.M. Jacobi67
Obsidian in the western Mediterranean: characterization by neutron activation analysis and optical emission spectroscopy B.R. Hallam, S.E. Warren and C. Renfrew85
The excavation of the Kilham long barrow, East Riding of Yorkshire T.G. Manby111
Interrupted dicth enclosures in Britain: the use of aerial photogrpahy for comparative studies R. Palmer161
The evidence of cemetaries for later prehistoric development in the Upper Rhine valley C.J. Balkwill187
A barrow cemetary of the second millenium B.C. at Tallington, Lincolnshire W.G. Simpson215
The plain of western Macedonia and the Neolithic site of Nea Nikomedia J. Bintliff241
The excavation of a round barrow near Poor's Heath, Risby, Suffolk F. de M. and H.L. Vatcher263
The Meare Heath track: excavation of a Bronze Age structure in the Somerset Levels J.M. Coles and B.J. Orme293
The Standlow dagger I.M. Kinnes319
The nature of the lesions on the elk skeleton from High Furlong, newar Blackpool, Lancashire A.J. Stuart323
The Mesolithic habitation site at Culver Well, Portland, Dorset: interim note S. Palmer324
Pre-Neolithic pottery: new evidence from North Africa E.C. Saxon327

Vol. 41, 1975
Some Hampshire and Dorset handaxes and the question of 'Early Acheulian' in Britain Derek E. Roe1
Two shoulder-blades with healed lesions from Star Carr Nanna Noe-Nygaard10
Ayios Epiktitos Vrysi, Cyprus: preliminary results of the 1969-1973 excavations of a neolithic coastal settlement E.J. Peltenburg17
On the dating of Khirokitia in Cyprus N.P. Stanley Price46
The excavation of Tell Abu Hureyra in Syria: a preliminary report A.M.T. Moore50
Mediterranean alluviation: new evidence from archaeology J.L. Bintliff78
Early neolithic land use in Yugoslavia Graeme Barker 85
Social dimensions of Early Neolithic Denmark Klaus Randsborg105
The excavation of an oval burial mound of the htird millennium BC at Alfriston, East Sussex, 1974 Peter Drewett119
The use of copper in the Cucuteni-Tripolye culture of south-east Europe T.A.P. Greeves153
The megalithic tomb of Pedra Branca, Portugal O. Da Veiga Ferreira, G. Zbyszewski, M. Leitao, C.T. North and M. Reynolds de Sousa167
Radiocarbon dates from Bosumpra Cave, Abetifi, Ghana Andrew B. Smith179
Mycenean Greece and Europe: the evidence of bronze tools and implements Anthony Harding183
Planned hillfort interiors G.C. Guilbert203
The Polden Hill hoard, Somerset J.W. Brailsford222
Late Devensian and Early Flandrian barbed points from Sproughton, Suffolk J.J. Wymer, R.M. Jacobi and J. Rose235

Vol. 40, 1974
The excavation of three 'Narrow Blade' Mesolithic sites in the southern Pennines, England Jeffrey Radley, J.H. Tallis and V.R. Switsur1
Terracotta models as evidence for vehicles with tilts in the ancient Near East M.A. Littauer and J.H. Crouwel20
The interpretation and dating of humanly worked siliceous materials in thermoluminescent analysis Ralph M. Rowlett, Margaret D. Mandeville and Edward J. Zeller37
Ground slates in the Sacndinavian younger Stone Age with reference to circumpolar maritime adaptations William Fitzhugh45
Petrological identification of stone implements from Derbyshire and Leicestershire C.N. Moore and W.A. Cummins59
Disc-barrows L.V. Grinsell79
Bronze Age Hungary: a review of recent work C.F.C. Hawkes113
Experimental Iron Age storage pits: an interim report Peter J. Reynolds118
The purity of prehistoric crops R.W. Dennell132
An excavation at the coastal promontory fort of Embury Beacon, Devon J.S. Jefferies136
A morphological analysis of late prehistoric and Romano-British settlements in north-west Wales Christopher A. Smith157
The experimental earthwork on Morden Bog, Wareham, Dorset, England: 1963-1972 J.G. Evans and Susan Limbrey170
Prehistoric settlement on the Tavoliere, Italy: a comment Ruth D. Whitehouse203
The firing temperature of a Karanova sherd and inference about south-east European chalcolithic refractory technology W.D. Kingery and Jay D. Frierman204
A 'Worton'-Type bronze sword hilt at Caerleon George C. Boon205
Radiocarbon dating and prehistoric forest clearance on Speyside (east-central Highlands of Scotland) P.E. O'Sullivan206

Vol. 39, 1973
Presidential address: a midterm review T.G.E. Powell1
Clacton-on-Sea, Essex: report on excavations 1969-70 R. Singer, J.J. Wymer, B.G. Gladfelter and R.G. Wolff6
Recent excavations at Nahal Oren, Israel Tamar Noy, A.J. Legge and E.S. Higgs75
A late glacial elk with associated barbed points from High Furlong, Lancashire J.S. Hallam, B.J.N. Edwards, B. Barnes and A.J. Stuart100
Mesolithic lake cultures in the Ganga valley, India G.R. Sharma129
The background and development of early farming communities in Mesopotamia and the Zagros Joan Oates147
A new survey of Grime's Graves, Norfolk G de G. Sieveking, I.H. Longworth, M.J. Hughes, A.J. Calrk and A. Millett182
Petrological identification of stone implements from Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland W.A. Cummins and C.N. Moore219
Prehistoric roads and tracks in Somerset: 3. The Sweet Track J.M. Coles, F.A. Hibbert and B.J. Orme256
The earliest copper ornaments in northern Europe B. Ottaway294
Ancient agriculture in the highland of Britain R.W. Feacham332
Passage-grave art in the Boyne valley, Ireland Clare O'Kelly354
The metal industry of continental Italy, 13th-11th century and its Aegean connections A.M. Biettei-Sestieri383
The earliest horse-bits of western Europe C.J. Balkwill425
Palaeolithic finds from Cyprus? C. Vita-Finzi453
The Bronze Age on the Tavoliere, Italy C. Delano Smith and C. Smith454
A metrical technique for flint blades and similar artefacts F.R. Froom456
Observations on thermal treatment of chert in the Solutrean of Laugerie Haute, France M.B. Collins461
Syrian and Anatolian Bronze Age figurines in Europe: an addendum L. Vagnetti467
Axeheads of Group IX from Kintyre, Argyll J.G. Scott469

Vol. 38, 1972
The excavation of a Neolithic settlement on Broome Heath, Ditchingham, Norfolk G.J. Wainwright1
A technical study of opaque red glass of the Iron Age in Britain M.J. Hughes98
The petrological identification of stone implements from East Anglia T.H. McK. Clough and B. Green108
Syrian and Anatolian Bronze Age figurines in Europe Jan Bouzek156
The technique of the decoration on a disc-butted axe from Romania P.R. Lowery, R.D.A. Savage and R.L. Wilkins165
The conditions of cultural and economic growth in the Bronze Age of central Italy Graeme Barker 170
The working of copper-arsenic alloys in the Early Bronze Age and the effect on the determination of provenance H. McKerrell and R.F. Tylecote209
The Ipswich torcs J. Brailsford and J.E. Stapley219
The petrological identification of stone implements from South-Western England: Fifth report of the sub-committee of the South-Western Federation of Museums and Art Galleries E.D. Evens, I.F. Smith and F.S. Wallis235
The Surbo bronzes - some observations Keith Branigan276
On the origins of British faience beads and some aspects of the Wessex-Mycenae relationship H. McKerrell 286
The excavation of the Bronze Age and Iron Age settlement at Trevisker Round, St. Eval, Cornwall A.M. ApSimon and E. Greenfield302
Some biases in the recovery of archaeological faunal remains R.W. Casteel382
Relative and absolute dating of our late Neolithic enclosures: an exercise in the interpretation of radiocarbon determinations R. Burleigh, I.H. Longworth and G.J. Wainwright389
Second supplement to the catalogue of jade axes from sites in the British Isles W. Campbell-Smith408
Radiocarbon dates for two Mesolithic shell heaps and a Neolithic axe-factory in Scotland E.W. MacKie412

Vol. 37, 1971
The introduction of horse-riding to temperate Europe: a contributory note T.G.E. Powell1
Working with radiocarbon dates H.T. Waterbolk15
A re-examination of the evidence for agricultural origins in the Nile Valley J.D. Clark34
Beaker bows: a suggestion Stuart Piggott80
Neolithic Knossos: the growth of a settlement J.D. Evans95
Die spätpaläolithische Steinindustrie aus Jablonany in Mähren (CSSR) Bohuslav Klíma118
Late palaeolithic finds from Denmark C.J. Becker131
From Worsaae to Childe: the models of prehistory Glyn Daniel140
A striking maritime distribution pattern J.D. Cowen154
The Cambridge excavations at La Cotte de St. Brelade, Jersey - a preliminary report C.B.N. McBurney and P. Callow167
The impact of radiocarbon dating on the establishment of the prehistoric chronology of Brittany P.R. Giot208
Die keltische Viereckschanze bei Tomerdingen, Kreis Ulm (Württemberg) Hartwig Zürn218
Prehistory from Antipodean perspectives D.J. Mulvaney228
The analysis of certain major classes of Upper Palaeolithic tools: Aurignacian scrapers Hallam J. Movius Jr. and Alison S. Brooks253
The Larnian culture: a minimal view G.F. Mitchell274
The early settlement of Scotland: excavations at Morton, Fife J.M. Coles284
Further information concerning the enviroment of Palaeolithic man in Epirus E.S. Higgs and D. Webley367
Archaeological prospections on the islands of Buvuma and Bugaia, Lake Victoria, Nyanza (Uganda) J. Nenquin381

Vol. 36, 1970
Prehistoric economy in the Mount Carmel area of Palestine: Site catchment analysis C. Vita-Finzi and E.S. Higgs1
Lunulae reconsidered Joan J. Taylor38
The Stone Age induestries of the Isle of Portland, Dorset and the utilisation of Portland chert as artifact material in southern England Susann Palmer82
A note on Neolithic settlement in the Clyde region of Scotland J.G. Scott116
Prehistoric roads and tracks in Somerset, England: 2. Neolithic John M. Coles, F. Alan Hibbert and C.F. Clements125
Kosipe: A late Pleistocene site in the Papuan highlands J. Peter White, K.A.W. Crook and B.P. Ruxton152
Metal arrowheads in the European Bronaze and Early Iron Ages Roger J. Mercer171
Bone dice and the Scottish Iron Age D.V. Clarke214
A petro-archaeological study of a deposit of Neolithic stone tools at Stara Breclav, Czechoslovakia J Stelcl, F. Kalousek and J. Malina233
A group of bronzes from Surbo, Italy: new evidence for Aegean contacts with Apulia during Mycenean IIIB and C Ellen Macnamara241
Cheshire Cat and Mickey Mouse: Analysis, interpretation and the art of the La Tčne Iron Age J.V.S Megaw261
The tree-ring calibration of radiocarbon: and archaeological evaluation Colin Renfrew280
The excavation of a Beaker settlement at Belle Tout, East Sussex, England Richard Bradley312
Methods of earthwork building Thurston Shaw380

Vol. 35, 1969
Presidential address John D. Cowen1
The autonomy of the south-east European copper age Colin Renfrew12
An Acheulean industry and hominid mandible, Lake Baringo, Kenya Margaret Leakey, P.V. Tobias, J.E. Martyn and R.E.F. Leakey48
The Mousterian of European Russia Richard G. Klein77
A review of henge monuments in the light of recent research G.J. Wainwright112
The chronology of Mousterian industries in the Perigord Region P.A. Mellars134
The prehistoric sequence at Nakapapula rockshelter, Zambia D.W. Phillipson172
Environment and early man on Dartmoor, Devon, England I.G. Simmons203
A continental palstave from the ancient field system on Horridge Common, Dartmoor Aileen Fox and Dennis Britton220
Report on a petrological study of ground-edge artefacts from north-eastern New South Wales, Australia R.A. Binns and I. McBryde229
The prehistory of Upper Pleistocene and recent cattle: Part 1 M.R. Jarman236
The Neolithic pottery of southern Italy Ruth D. Whitehouse267
Stone axes and flake tools: Evaluations from New Guinea Marilyn Strathern311
Metal analyses and the Scottish Early Bronze Age John M. Coles330

Vol. 34, 1968
British Lower and Middle Palaeolithic handaxe groups Derek A. Roe1
Blade and burin industries near Renigunta on the south-east coast of India M.L.K. Murty83
The excavation of a Durotrigian farmstead near Tollard Royal in Cranbourne Chase, Southern England G.J. Wainwright102
An Iron Age hill-fort at Grimthorpe, Yorkshire, England I.M. Stead148
Excavations at Eldon's Seat, Encomber, Dorset, England Barry Cunliffe and D.W. Phillipson191
Prehistoric roads and tracks in Somerset, England: 1. Neolithic John M. Coles and F. Alan Hibbert238
Early Bronze Age gold neck rings in western Europe Joan J. Taylor259
The earliest wheeled vehicles and the Caucasian evidence Stuart Piggott266
Further analysis of Near Eastern obsidians Colin Renfrew, J.E. Dixon and J.R. Cann319
Settlement and economy in southern Itlay in the Neothermal period Ruth D. Whitehouse332
The origins of domestic sheep and goats - a reconsideration in the light of the fossil evidence Sebastian Payne368
The cave of Ali Tappeh and the Epi-Palaeolithic in N.E. Iran C.B.M. McBurney385
A petrological study of certain Iron Age pottery from western England D.P.S. Peacock414

Vol. 33, 1967
The climate, environment and industries of stone age Greece: Part III E.S. Higgs, C. Vita-Finzi, D.R. Harris and A.E. Fagg1
A Mycenean IIIB bronze dagger from the Palaeolithic site of Kastritsa, Epirus, Greece S.I. Dakaris30
Minoan stone vases as evidence for Minoan foreign connections in the Agean late Bronze Age Peter Warren37
Notes on the possible misuse and errors of cumulative percentage frequency graphs for the comparison of prehistoric artefact assemblages J.E. Kerrich and D.L. Clarke57
The anaotmical study of cremated bone fragments from archaeological sites T.F. Spence70
Stock rearing as a cultural factor in prehistoric Europe C.W. Higham84
An investigation of prehistoric diet and economy on a coastal site at Galatea Bay, New Zealand Wilfred Shawcross107
Recent field research on the problems of archaeology and Pleistocene chronology in Peninsular India G.J. Wainwright and S.C. Malik132
The prehistory of south-western Iran: a preliminary report Frank Hole and Kent V. Flannery147
Rainsborough, Northants., England: Excavations, 1961-5 Michael Avery, J.E.G. Sutton and J.W. Banks207
Iron currency bars in Britain Derek Allen307
A barrow cemetary of the second millenium B.C. in Wiltshire, England Pamela M. Christie336
Cultural hominization among the earliest African Pleistocene hominids Philip Tobias367
The Hallstatt sword of bronze: on the continent and in Britain J.D. Cowen377

Vol. 32, 1966
The climate, environment and industries of stone age Greece: Part II E.S. Higgs and C. Vita-Finzi1
Obisidian and early cultural contact in the Near East Colin Renfrew, J.E. Dixon and J.R. Cann30
The Lanhill long barrow, Wiltshire, England: An essay in reconstruction D. Grant King73
Ritual monuments at Rudston, East Yorkshire, England D.P. Dymond86
Stone axe factories in the Highlands of East New Guinea J. Chappell96
Excavation of a round barrow at Overton Hill, North Wiltshire, England I.F. Smith and D.D.A. Simpson122
The 'Lower Perigordian' in French archaeology Thomas F. Lynch156
The Battle-Axe series in Britain F.E.S. Roe199
Wooden implements from Late Stone Age sites at Gwisho hot springs, Lochinvar, Gambia Brian M/ Fagan and Francis L. Van Noten246
The origins of the flange-hilted sword of bronze in continental Europe J.D. Cowen262
The experimental earthwork on Overton Down, Wiltshire, England: The first four years P.A. Jewell and G.W. Dimbleby313

Vol. 31, 1965
The boats from North Ferriby, Yorkshire, England, with a review of the origins of the sewn boats of the Bronze Age E.V. Wright and D.M. Churchill1
The distribution of jade axes in Europe with a supplement to the catalogue of those from the British Isles W. Campbell-Smith25
The excavation of a Neolithic round barrow at Pitnacree, Perthshire, Scotland John M. Coles and D.D.A. Simpson34
Radiocarbon dating and the expansion of farming culture from the Near East over Europe J.G.D. Clark58
The kitchen midden site at Westward Ho!, Devon, England: ecology, age and relation to changes in land and sea level D.M. Churchill and J.J. Wymer74
A Mesolithic site on Iping Common, Sussex, England P.A.M. Keef, J.J. Wymer and G.W. Dimbleby85
The origin and development of the Broch and wheelhouse building cultures of the Scottish Iron Age Euan W. MacKie93
Archaeological and geomorphological investigations on Mt. Moffatt Station, Queensland, Australia D.J. Mulvaney and E.B. Joyce147
The Greek mainland, c.1150-c.1000 B.C. Vincent Desborough213
Barbarian Europe and Early Iron Age Greece A.M. Snodgrass229
The Aylesford-Swarling culture: The problem of the Belgae reconsidered Ann Birchall241

Vol. 30, 1964
A Mesolithic structure at Deepcar, Yorkshire, England and the affinities of its associated flint industry J. Radley and P. Mellars1
The excavation of a stone alignment and circle at Cholwichtown, Lee Moor, Devonshire, England George Eogan and J.G. Simmons25
The Cumbrian type of polished stone axe and its distribution in Britain Clare I. Fell39
Tripolyan notes T. Sulimirski56
Was native copper used in Transcaucasia in Eneolithic times? I.R. Selimkhanov66
Sardinian beakers Warwick Bray75
Cultural grouping within the British pre-Roman Iron Age F.R. Hodson99
The characterization of obsidian and its application to the Mediterranean region J.R. Cann and Colin Renfrew111
The chambered cairn at Beacharra, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland J.G. Scott134
The pins of the Jugoslav Early Iron Age John Alexander 159
A late Bronze Age find from Pyotdykes, Angus, Scotland, with associated gold, cloth, leather and wood remains John M. Coles, Herbert Coutts and M.L. Ryder186
The climate, environment and industries of stone age Greece: Part I S.I. Dakaris, E.S. Higgs and R.W. Hey199
The British Lower and Middle Palaeolithic: some problems, methods of study and preliminary results D.A. Roe245
The Later Bronze Age in Ireland in the light of recent research George Eogan268
New Neolithic sites in Dorset and Bedfordshire, with a note on the distribution of Neolithic storage pits in Britain N.H. Field, C.L. Matthews and I.F. Smith352
Preliminary report on stone age reconnaissance in north-eastern Iran C.B.M. McBurney382
Some wood and stone implements of the Bindibu tribe of Central Western Australia Donald F. Thomson400

Vol. 29, 1963
Archaeology and prehistory: Presidential Address Stuart Piggott1
Archaeological discoveries in the raised bogs of the Somerset Levels, England H.S.L. Dewar and H. Godwin17
Neolithic bows from Somerset, England, and the prehistory of archery in North-west Europe J.G.D. Clark50
A reinterpretation of the microlithic industries of Wales G.J. Wainwright99
Jade axes from sites in the British Isles W. Campbell-Smith133
The excavation of the Willerby Wold long barrow, East Riding of Yorkshire, England T.G. Manby173
A decorated Iron Age bridle-bit in the London Museum: its place in art and archaeology James Barber and J.V.S. Megaw206
The inception of the final Bronze Age in Middle Europe T.G.E. Powell214
The population ecology of man in the early Upper Pleistocene of southern Africa Richard B. Lee235
Traditions of metal-working in the later Neolithic and early Bronze Age of Britain: Part 1 Dennis Britton258
Irish Bronze Age horns and their relations with northern Europe John Coles326
The lower and Middle Palaeolithic industries of the English East Midlands M. Posnansky357
Report on the excavation of a bell barrow in the parish of Edmondsham, Dorset, England, 1959 Edwina V.W. Proudfoot395

Vol. 28, 1962
A late stone age site in the Erongo mountains, south-west Africa J. Desmond Clark and James Walton1
The early Iron Age metalwork hoard from Stanwick, N.R. Yorkshire, England Morna Macgregor17
A note upon native copper: Its occurrence and properties H.H. Coghlan and R. Willows58
Spectral analysis of metallic articles from archaeological monuments of the Caucasus, U.S.S.R. I.R. Selimkhanov68
The origin and development of British middle Bronze Age rapiers Bridget A.V. Trump80
The Palaeolithic industry of Kota Tampan, Malaya D. Walker and Ann de G. Sieveking103
Some pottery from Eastbourne, the 'Marnians' and the Pre-Roman Iron Age in southern England F.R. Hodson140
European Bronze Age shields John Coles156
Origin and development of Series II culture of India A.P. Khatri191
Fourth report of the sub-committee of the South-western Group of Museums and Art Galleries (England) on the petrological idenitification of stone axes E.D. Evens, L.V. Grinsell, S. Piggott and F.S. Wallis209
Excavations at the early Neolithic site at Nea Nikomedeia, Greek Macedonia (1961 season) Robert J. Rodden267
Excavations at Shearplace Hill, Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset, England P. Rhatz and A.M. ApSimon289
Excavations at the Maglemosian sites at Thatcham, Berkshire, England J.J. Wymer 329
The stratigraphy of the Mesolithic sites III and V at Thatcham, Berkshire, England D.M. Churchill 362
Matrix analysis and archaeology with particular reference to British Beaker pottery David Clarke371

Vol. 27, 1961
The Lower Palaeolithic succession in the Thames Valley and the date of the ancient channel between Caversham and Henley, Oxon John Wymer1
A painted rock shelter on Mt. Elgon, Kenya Richard Wright28
On a find of a Preboreal domestic dog (Canis Familiaris L.) from Star Carr, Yorkshire, with remarks on other Mesolithic dogs Magnus, Degerbřl35
The stone age of Australia D.J. Mulvaney56
The excavation of a Neolithic stone implement factory on Mynydd Rhiw in Caernarvonshire C.H. Houlder108
Some Pleistocene faunas of the Mediterranean coastal areas E.S. Higgs144
The people of Mount Carmel D.R. Brothwell155
The excavation of the long mortuary enclosure on Normanton Down, Wilts Faith de Mallet Vatcher160
Irish Neolithic pottery: Distribution and sequence Humphrey Case174
The 'Carlingford Culture', the long barrow and the Neolithic of Great Britain and Ireland Ruaidhrí de Valéra234
The later prehistory of Malta D.H. Trump253
The origins and development of the Primary Series in the Collared Urn Tradition in England and Wales I.H. Longworth263
Daggers in the early Iron Age in Britain E.M. Jope307
Notes on excavations in England, Irish Republic, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, during 1960 344

Vol. 26, 1960
Prehistoric wooden trackways of the Somerset Levels: their construction, age and relation to climatic change H. Godwin1
Observations on the technique of production of Szeletian flint implements L. Vértes37
Flint and the patination of flint artifacts Robert F. Schmalz44
Bronze Age chariots from Europe Emmanuel Anati50
Geoelectrical surveying of archaeological sites L.S. Palmer64
Crig-a-Mennis: a Bronze Age barrow at Liskey, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall Pamela M. Christie76
The Carlingford Culture P. Corcoran98
The origins and development of the Penannular Brooch in Europe Elizabeth Fowler149
A Bronze Age urnfield on Vinces Farm, Ardleigh, Essex I.H. Longworth178
Three microlithic industries from south-west England and their affinitities G.J. Wainwright193
Excavations at the Neolithic site at Hurst Fen, Mildenhall, Suffolk, 1954, 1957 and 1958 J.G.D. Clark, E.S. Higgs and I.H. Longworth202
Further investigations at a Mesolithic site at Oakenhanger, Selbourne, Hants W.F. Rankine and G.W. Dimbleby246
Report on the investigation of a round barrow on Arreton Down, Isle of Wight J. Alexander and P.C. and A. Ozanne263
The excavation of stone circles near Penmaenmawr, North Wales W.E. Griffiths303
Notes on excavations in Eire, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales during 1959 340
A bronze sword from Paars (Aisne) at Cambridge J.D. Cowen351
The North Ferriby boats - Radio Carbon dating Edward Wright351

Vol. 25, 1959
Presidential address: Perspectives in prehistory Grahame Clark1
The excavation of a long barrow at Nutbane, Hants Faith de Mallet Morgan15
Regional groups in the Michelsberg culture Irwin Scollar52
New petrological groups based on axes from the West Midlands F.W. Shotton135
Some Somerset hoards and their place in the Bronze Age of southern Britain M.A. Smith144
A sample analysis of British middle and late Bronze Age materials using optical spectrometry M.A. Smith and A.E. Blin-Stoyle188
The excavation of a late Mesolithic site at Downton, near Salisbury, Wilts Eric S. Higgs209
The excavation of a late Upper Palaeolithic open-site on Hengistbury Head, Christchurch, Hants Angela Mace233
Report on the first season's fieldwork on British Upper Palaeolithic cave deposits Charles McBurney260
Notes on excavations in Eire, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, during 1958 270

Vol. 24, 1958
The chronology of the French collective tombs Glyn Daniel1
Blade and trapeze industries of the European Stone Age Grahame Clark24
Belgic coins as illustrations of life in the Late Pre-Roman Iron Age of Britain Derek Allen43
The natural fracture of pebbles from the Batoka Gorge, Northern Rhodesia, and its bearing on the Kafuan industries of Africa Desmond Clark64
The context of some Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age remains from Lincolnshire A.G. Smith78
Close ny Chollagh: an Iron Age fort at Scarlett, Isle of Man Peter S. Gelling85
Early Iron Age 'C' in Wessex John Brailsford101
Middle Ural sites and the chronology of Northern Eurasia Marija Gimbutas120
A Late Bronze Age urnfield on Steyning Round Hill, Sussex G.P. Burstow158
The Appenine culture of Italy David Trump165
Armorican coin hoards in the Channel Islands Colbert de Beaulieu201
Notes on excavations in Eire, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales during 1957 211

Vol. 23, 1957
Some aspects of the physiography of the Thames Valley in relation to the Ice Age and early man S.W. Wooldridge1
Megalithic art in the north-west of Britain: The Calderstones, Liverpool J.L. Forde-Johnston20
Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery from Risby Warren and other occupation sites in north Lincolnshire D.N. Riley40
The typology and origins of Beakers in Wales W.E. Griffiths57
Early metallurgy of copper in Ireland and Britain H.H. Coghlan and Humphrey Case91
Excavation of a barrow near the Hardy monument, Black Down, Portesham, Dorset M.W. Thompson and P. Ashbee124
The Great Barrow at Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire Paul Ashbee 137
Late Bronze Age settlement on Itford Hill, Sussex G.P. Burstow and G.A. Holleymen167
The fogou of Lower Boscaswell, Cornwall E.V. Clark, E.B. Ford and C. Thomas213
Notes on excavations in Eire, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, during 1956 220

Vol. 22, 1956
Some observations on the Pleistocene succession in the Somme Valley F. Bordes1
A Maglemosian site at Brandesburton, Holderness, Yorkshire J.G.D. Clark and H. Godwin6
A site at Stump Cross, near Grassington, Yorkshire, and the age of the Pennine microlithic industry D. Walker 23
Palaeoliths from the gravel of the ancient channel between Caversham and Henley at Highlands, near Henley J. Wymer29
The use and distribution of Faience in the ancient east and prehistoric Europe J.F.S. Stone and L.C. Thomas37
The 'Dolmens' of Malta and the origins of the Tarxien cemetery culture John Evans85
Bronze cut-and-thrust swords in the east Mediterranean H.W. Catling102
Notes on some distinctive types of bronzes from Populonia, Etruria Rachel Maxwell-Hyslop126
Borodino, Selma and their contemporaries: key sites for the Bronze Age chronology of Eastern Europe Marija Gimbutas143
Some early pottery of Samos, Kalimnos and Chios Audrey Furness173

Vol. 21, 1955
Note on a Micoquian tool from a raised beach in Morbihan Henri Breuil1
A microlithic industry from the Cambridgeshire Fenland and other industries of Sauveterrian affinities in Britain J.G.D. Clark3
Palaeolithic spear-throwers Dorothy A.E. Garrod21
Fire as Palaeolithic tool and weapon Kenneth Oakley36
The micro-burin in the Spanish Levant Luis Pericot49
Loess and Palaeolithic chronology F.E. Zeuner51
Coarse Beakers with 'short-wave moulding' C.J. Becker65
The earliest village materials of Syro-Cilicia R. Braidwood72
Neolithic dwellings in the forest zone of the European part of the U.S.S.R. A. Bryusov77
Prehistoric social groups in north Norway Gutorm Gjessing84
Ancient Egyptian wheats Hans Helbaek93
Windmill Hill - East or West? Stuart Piggott96
Contributions to the study of 'The problem of pile dwellings' R. Pittioni102
Thuringian' amphorae T. Sulimirski108
Research on the Hungarian Bronze Age since 1936 and the Bronze Age settlement at Békés-Várdomb J. Banner123
A Bronze Age house at Poliokhni (Lemnos) Luigi Bernabo Brea144
The technique of the Boyne carvings O.G.S. Crawford156
A western razor in Sicily Hugh Hencken160
A burial with faience beads at Tara Seán O+F701163
The antiquity of the one-edged bronze knife in the Aegean N.K. Sandars174
An iron anthropoid sword from Shouldham, Norfolk, with related continental and British weapons R.R. Clarke and C.F.C. Hawkes198
An Italo-Celtic helmet Raymond Lantier228
A doctor's grave of the Middle La Tčne Period from Bavaria J.M. de Navarro231
Contributions to a study of the Belgae C.A. Ralegh Radford249
Central European urnfield culture and Celtic La Tčne. An outline Ernst Sprockhoff257
Pins and the chronology of brochs Robert B.K. Stevenson282
Bibliography of the publications of Professor V. Gordon Childe Isobel F. Smith305

Vol. 20, 1954
The tribes of Southern Britain C.A. Ralegh Radford1
The Early Iron Age treasure from Snettisham, Norfolk R. Rainbird Clarke27
Celtic fields and farms on Dartmoor, in the light of recent excavations at Kestor Aileen Fox 87
The agriculture of the British Early Iron Age as exemplified at Figheldean Down, Wiltshire Shimon Applebaum103
The quaternary deposits at Hoxne, Suffolk, and their archaeology C.M.B. McBurney131
Excavations at the Mugharet Kebara, Mount Carmel, 1931: The Aurignacian industries Dorothy A.E. Garrod155
Azilian harpoons M.W. Thompson 193
The excavation of a Neolithic barrow on Whiteleaf Hill, Bucks V.G. Childe and Isobel Smith212
Pollen analysis as an aid to the dating of prehistoric monuments G.W. Dimbleby231

Vol. 19, 1953
The Early Iron Age site at Micklemoor Hill, West Harling, Norfolk and its pottery J.G.D. Clark and C.I. Fell1
The prehistoric culture-sequence in the maltese archipelago John D. Evans41
Iberian beakers M.A. Smith95
The earliest vculture history of the northern part of the European USSR: A review article Marija Gimbutas108
Soil science and archaeology with illustrations from some British Bronze Age monuments I.W. Cornwall129
The groove and splinter technique of working antler in Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Europe J.G.D Clark and M.W. Thompson148
The gold ornament from Mold, Flintshire, North Wales T.G.E. Powell161
The chronology of the Mousterian at Gorham's Cave, Gibraltar F.E. Zeuner180
Some palaeoliths from South Arabia G. Caton-Thompson189

Vol. 18, 1952
Report on the re-investigation of the Westley (Bury St. Edmunds) Skull site D.F.W. Baden-Powell and K.P. Oakley1
A Mesolithic chipping floor at Oakhanger, Selbourne, Hants W.F. Rankine 21
Beltzsch and Knossos Hugh Hencken36
Triskeles, palmettes and horse-brooches Sir Cyril Fox47
Prehistoric settlements on Dartmoor and the Cornish Moors C.A. Ralegh Radford55
Tankards and tankard handles of the British Early Bronze Age J.X.W.P. Corcoran85
The Mesolithic in the South of France: a critical analysis Margaret Smith103
Bronze swords in Northern Europe: a reconsideration of Sprockhoff's Griffzungenschwerter J.D. Cowen129
The excavation of two round barrows at Poole, Dorset H. Case148
Art on British Iron Age pottery W.F. Grimes160
Excavations at Kilpheder, South Uist, and the problem of the brochs and wheel-houses T.C. Lethbridge176
Early crops in Southern England Hans Helbaek194

Vol. 17, 1951
British prehistory half-way through the century C.F.C. Hawkes1
The colonisation of Scotland in the second Milllenium B.C. Sir Lindsay Scott16
Excavations at Gorham's Cave, Gibraltar J d'A. Waechter83
Bronze dagger of Mycenean type from Pelynt, Cornwall V.G. Childe 93
An exotic stone adze from Tuckingmill, Camborne, Cornwall V.G. Childe93
Artefacts of Portland Chert in Southern England W.F. Rankine93
Third report of the Sub-Committee of the South Western Group of Museums and Art Galleries on the petrological determination of stone axes J.F.S. Stone and F.S. Wallis99
A new centre of stone axe dispersal on the Welsh border F.W. Shotton, L.F. Chitty and W.A. Seaby159
The geological age of the Cromer Forest Bed A. Azzaroll168
Less familiar aspects of primitive trade J.H. Hutton171
The first waggons and carts - from the Tigris to the Severn V.G. Childe177
The earliest bronze swords in Britain and their origins on the continent of Europe J.D. Cowen195
A hoard of metalwork of the Early Iron Age from Ringstead, Norfolk R.R. Clarke214

Vol. 16, 1950
Swords and scabbards of the British Early Iron Age Stuart Piggott1
Palaeoliths from the Fen district D.F.W. Baden-Powell 29
The problem of the survival of the Tripolyte culture T. Sulimirski42
Battle-axes in the Aegean R.W. Hutchinson52
Notes on the Bronze Age in the East Midlands T.G.E. Powell65
The Henge monument of The Bull Ring, Dove Holes, Derbyshire Leslie Alcock81
The earliest settlement of the West Baltic area in the light of recent research J.G.D. Clark87
Mesolithic sites in the neighbourhoood of Flixton, North-east Yorkshire John W. Moore101
Preliminary report on excavations at Star Carr, Seamer, Scarborough, Yorkshire (Second season 1950) J.G.D. Clark109
Report on fungus-brackets from Star Carr, Seamer E.J.H. Corner109
Second interim report on the animal remains from Star Carr, Seamer F.C. Fraser and J.E. King109
Second interim report on peat stratigraphy and pollen analysis in the Seamer area D. Walker109
Textiles and weaving appliances in prehistoric Britain Audrey S. Henshall130
The geographical study of the older Palaeolithic stages in Europe C.M.B. McBurney163

Vol. 15, 1949
A stone-axe factory at Pike of Stickle, Great Langdale, Westmorland Brian Bunch and Clare I. Fell1
Palaeoliths and terraces near Bournemouth J. Bernard Calkin and J.F.N. Green21
Experimental Clactonian technique D.F.W. Baden-Powell38
Excavations at Esh Shaheinab, Sudan (1949) A.J. Arkell42
The Birch as a source of raw material during the stone age Emil Vogt50
A preliminary report on excavations at Star Carr, Seamer, Scarborough, Yorkshire, 1949 J.G.D. Clark52
The bone remains from Star Carr, Seamer F.C. Fraser and J.E. King52
Preliminary reports on peat-stratigraphy and pollen-analysis in the Flixton-Seamer area H. Godwin52
Stone 'maceheads' with Mesolithic associations from south-eastern England W.F. Rankine70
Neolithic house-types in Temperate Europe V. Gordon Childe77
An early Bronze Age burial in a boat-shaped wooden coffin from north-east Yorkshire. Part 1 & 2 H.W. Elgee and F. Elgee87
A late Bronze Age hoard from Blackrock in Sussex and its significance C.M. Piggott107
Some Grooved Ware pottery from the Woodhenge area J.F.S. Stone122
The Atlantic Bronze Age in south-west Europe H.N. Savory128
Excavations at Little Woodbury John Brailsford156
The distribution and date of the passage-graves of the British Isles G.E. Daniel and T.G.E. Powell169
The Birdlip early Iron Age burials C. Green188
A wheel of Iron Age type from Co. Durham Stuart Piggott188
An Iron Age yoke from Northern Ireland Stuart Piggott188
Pebbles of non-local rock from Mesolithic chipping floors W.F. Rankine188

Vol. 14, 1948
Excavations at Little Woodbury (1938-39). Part II. John Brailsford1
Excavations at Little Woodbury (1938-39). Part III. Winifred Jackson1
Prehistoric discoveries in Siam, 1943-44 H.R. van Heekeren24
First report of the Cambridge Archaeological Expedition to Cyrenaica (1947) C.B.M. McBurney, R.W. Hey and W. Watson33
Gallo-British colonies. The aisled round-house culture in the north Sir Lindsay Scott46
On the ancient channel between Caversham and Henley, Oxfordshire and its contained flint implements. Part II W.J. Arkell and K.P.Oakley126
On the ancient channel between Caversham and Henley, Oxfordshire and its contained flint implements. Part I M.S. Treacher126
The 'sword-bearers'. A reinterpretation H.N. Savory155
The final Bronze Age in the Near East and in Temperate Europe V.G. Childe177
From Bronze Age to Iron Age: Middle Europe, Italy and the north and west C.F.C. Hawkes196
Objects of South Scandinavian flint in the northernmost provinces of Norway, Sweden and Finland J.G.D. Clark219

Vol. 13, 1947
The problem of the Brochs Sir Lindsay Scott1
Studies in the Palaeolithic succession in England, no III: Palaeoliths from St. Neots, Huntingdonshire T.T. Paterson and C.F. Tebbutt37
Second report of the Sub-Committee of the South-Western Group of Museums and Art Galleries on the petrological identification of stone axes J.F.S. Stone and F.S. Wallis47
The stone age of the Libyan Littoral: the results of a war time reconnaissance C.B.M. McBurney56
The Neolithic cultures of south-east Italy Robert B.K. Stevenson85
The technique of blad production in Mesolithic and Neolithic times Alfred S. Barnes101
Prehistoric boats from North Ferriby, East Yorkshire E.V. Wright and C.W. Wright114
A Neolithic site at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man: Part I J.R. Bruce and E.M. Megaw139
A Neolithic site at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man: Part II B.R.S. Megaw139
A cemetary of the Ronaldsway culture at Ballateare, Jurby, Isle of Man G. Bersu161
Prehistoric research in Switzerland, 1939-45 Karl Keller-Tarnuzzer170

Vol. 12, 1946
The relationship of bog stratigraphy to climatic change and archaeology H. Godwin1
Seal-hunting in the Stone Age of north-western Europe: a study in economic prehistory J.G.D. Clark12
Prehistoric investigations in British Somaliland Miles Burkitt and P.E. Glover49
The Levalloisian industries of Egypt Gertrude Caton-Thompson57
The late Bronze Age razors of the British Isles C.M. Piggott121
Prehistory in Ireland, 1937-46 S.P. O Ríordáin142

Vol. 11, 1945
Core, Culture and complex in the old stone age T.T. Paterson 1
Three Oxfordshire palaeoliths and their significance for Pleistocene correlation W.J. Arkell 20
Iron Age pottery from Wisley, Surrey A.W.G. Lowther32
Excavations and prehistoric discoveries in France (1940-44) M. Raymond Lantler39
Prehistory in Denmark: 1939-1945 Therkel Mathiassen61
James Reid Moir, F.R.S. (1879-1944) P.G.H. Boswell66

Vol. 10, 1944
Report on excavations carried out in the cave known as 'Bosumpra' at Abetlfi, Kwahu, Gold Coast Colony C.T. Shaw1
Preliminary report on a microlithic industry at Rop rock shelter, Northern Nigeria Bernard Fagg68

Vol. 9, 1943
Excavation of fifteen barrows in the New Forest, 1941-2 C.M. Piggott1
A report on the Late Bronze Age site excavated at Minnis Bay, Birchington, Kent, 1938-40 F.H. Worsfold28
Palaeolithic implements from Alcester, Warwickshire E.M. Clifford48
Two palaeoliths from Broom, Dorset C.F.C. Hawkes48
Geological monuments K.P. Oakley 48
A note on the late Post-Glacial submergence of the Solent margins K.P. Oakley 48

Vol. 8, 1942
Excavations at the cave of Shukbah, Palestine, 1928 D.A.E. Garrod1
Les plages anciennes portugaises entre les Caps d'Espichel et Carvoeiro et leurs industries paléolithiques H. Breuil, Maxime Vaultier and Georges Zbyszewski21
The Deverel Urn and the Picardy Pin: A phase of Bronze Age settlement in Kent C.F.C. Hawkes26
Five late Bronze Age enclosure in north Wiltshire C.M. Piggott48

Vol. 7, 1941
The dual nature of the Megalithic colonisation of prehistoric Europe G.E. Daniel 1
First report of the Sub-Committee of the South-Western Group of Museums and Art Galleries on the petrological identification of stone axes Alexander Keiller, Stuart Piggott and F.S. Wallis50
The Bronze Age round barrows of Wessex L.V. Grinsell73
The Deverel-Rimbury settlement on Thorny Down, Winterbourne Gunner, S. Wilts J.F.S. Stone114
A Belgic cremation site at Stone, Kent M.A. Cotton and K.M. Richardson134
A handles beaker from Norfolk G.V. Barnard142
A new passage grave group in south-eastern Ireland T.G.E. Powell142
A Mesolithic site near Iwerne Minster, Dorset P.G. Summers142

Vol. 6, 1940
Studies on the Palaeolithic succession in England. No. II. The Upper Brecklandian Acheul (Elveden) T.T. Paterson and E.B. Fagg1
Excavations at Little Woodbury, Wiltshire. Part I: The settlement as revealed by excavation Gerhard Bersu30
A trepanned skull of the Beaker period from Dorset and the practice of trepanning in Prehistoric Europe Stuart Piggott112
The Rodmarton and Avening portholes E.M. Clifford and G.E. Daniel133
Chambered tombs in north-western France Daryll Forde166
Studies on prehistoric cultivated plants in England Hans Helbaek166
The Swanscombe skull: A defence T.T. Paterson166
A megalithic tomb at Nicholaston, Gower, Glamorgan Audrey Williams166

Vol. 5, 1939
Excavations at Brundon, Suffolk (1935-37): Part 1: Stratigraphy and archaeology J. Reid-Moir1
Excavations at Brundon, Suffolk (1935-37): Part 2: Fossil mammals A. Tindell-Hopwood1
The Pleistocene succession in the Somme Valley H. Breuil 33
The lower Palaeolithic industries near Warsash, Hampshire M.C. Burkitt, T.T. Paterson and C.J. Mogridge39
A new views of the western European group of Quaternary cave art P.A. Leason51
Excavations at Farnham, Surrey (1937-38): the Horsham culture and the question of Mesolithic dwellings J.G.D Clark and W.F. Rankine61
The excavation of Ty-isaf long cairn, Brecknockshire W.F. Grimes119
The transepted gallery graves of western France G.E. Daniel143
On the date of and axe-hammer from Llangeitho, Cardiganshire H.A. Hyde166
Iron Age metal horses' bits of the British Isles J.B. Ward-Perkins173
The seasonal factor in human culture, illustrated from the life of a contemporary nomadic group Donald F. Thomson209
The socketed bronze sickles of the British Isles with special reference to an un-published specimen from Norwich Sir Cyril Fox222
Notes on excavations in Eire, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales during 1939 H.G. Leask, J.G.D. Clark, E. Estyn-Evans, V. Gordon-Childe and W.F. Grimes249

Vol. 4, 1938
The Upper Palaeolithic in the light of recent discovery D.A.E. Garrod1
The early development of agriculture in Britain E. Cecil Curwen27
The early Bronze Age in Wessex Stuart Piggott52
A barrow on Breach Farm, Llanbleddian, Glamorgan W.F. Grimes107
Excavation of an untouched chamber in the Lanhill long barrow Alexander Keiller and Stuart Piggott122
An early Iron Age site at Crayford, Kent J. Ward-Perkins151
A middle Bronze Age barrow and Deverel-Rimbury urnfield at Latch Farm, Christchurch, Hampshire C.M. Piggott169
The excavation of Nympsfield long barrow, Gloucestershire Elsie M. Clifford188
Notes on some family vaults in Assam and Madagascar D.E. Chapman214
The Soldier's Grave, Frocester, Gloucester E.M. Clifford214
Air photography past and future: Presidential address for 1938 O.G.S.Crawford233
The passage graves of Ireland T.G.E. Powell239
A middle Bronze Age site at Stcokbridge, Hampshire J.F.S. Stone and N. Gray-Hill249
Continental bell or disc-barrows in Holland with special reference to Tumulus I at Rielsch Hoefke A.E. van Giffen258
British decorated axes and their diffusion during the earlier part of the Bronze Age B.R.S. Megaw and E.M. Hardy272
The excavations at Woodbury, Wiltshire during 1938 G. Bersu308
Notes on excavations in Eire, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales during 1938 H.G. Leask, J.G.D. Clark, E. Estyn-Evans, V. Gordon-Childe and W.F. Grimes314

Vol. 3, 1937
The excavation of a long barrow in Holdenhurst Parish, near Christchurch, Hants Stuart Piggott1
Acheulian flake tools Harper Kelley15
The multiple-cist cairn at Mount Stewart, County Down, Northern Ireland E. Estyn-Evans and Basil R.S. Megaw29
Early Iron Age site at Southcote, Reading C.M. Piggott and W.A. Seaby43
Inferences on the problem of the Pleistocene climate of Palestine and Syria drawn from flora, fauna and stratigraphy L. Picard58
The chambered barrow in Parc le Breos Cwm, South Wales Glyn Daniel71
Studies in the Palaeolithic succession in England: No. I. The Barnham sequence T.T. Paterson87
A comparison of the Pleistocene of East Anglia with that of Germany Friedrich E. Zeuner136
The Beaker folk in the Cotswolds E.M. Clifford158
A Beaker from Bourton-on-the-Water G.C. Dunning158
Note on a Bronze Age cauldron from Craven, Yorkshire W.K. Mattinson and L.S. Palmer158
A flint sickle with associated objects from East Knoyle, Wiltshire W.A. Smallcombe158
The Neolithic pottery of Yorkshire N. Newbigin189
Report on excavations at Jaywick Sands, Essex (1934) with some observations on the Clactonian industry and on the fauna and geological significance of the Clacton Channel K.P. Oakley and Mary Leakey217
New aspects and problems in Irish prehistory: Presidential Address for 1937 A. Mahr261
Notes on excavations in England, the Irish Free State, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales during 1937 J.G.D. Clark, H.G. Leask, E. Estyn-Evans, V. Gordon-Childe and W.F. Grimes437

Vol. 2, 1936
The timber monument at Arminghall and its affinities Grahame Clark1
The Pleistocene succession in the lower part of the Thames Valley W.B.R. King and K.P. Oakley52
The excavation of long barrow 163a on Thickthorn Down, Dorset C.D. Drew and Stuart Piggott77
Field archaeology in the Royston District O.G.S. Crawford97
The megalithic monuments of Wales W.F. Grimes106
Problems of the borderland of archaeology and geology in Britian: Presidential address for 1936 P.G.H. Boswell149
Mesolithic flints from the submerged forest at West Hartlepool C.T. Trechmann161
A note on the zoogeographical history of north western Europe Philip Ullyott169
Archaeology of the submerged land-suface of the Essex coast S. Hazzledine-Warren, Stuart Piggott, J.G.D. Clark, M.C. Burkitt and H. and M.E. Godwin178
Notes on excavations in England, the Irish Free State, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales during 1936 J.G.D. Clark, H.G. Leask, E. Estyn-Evans, V. Gordon-Childe and W.F. Grimes211

Vol. 1, 1935
Changing methods and aims in prehistory: Presidential address for 1935 V. Gordon Childe1
Late Bronze Age lynchet-settlements on Plumpton Plain, Sussex G.A. Holleyman and E. Cecil Curwen16
The pottery from the sites on Plumton Plain C.F.C. Hawkes39
The Farnham Terraces and their sequence Henry Bury60
The prehistory of the Isle of Man Grahame Clark70
The Darmsden flint implements Reid Moir93
Three Combe-Capelle hand-axes from Norfolk J.E. Sainty98
A re-examination of the Therfield Heath long barrow, Royston, Hertfordshire C.W. Phillips101
A possible pedigree of long barrows and chambered cairns W.J. Hemp108
A note on the relative chronology of the English long barrows Stuart Piggott115
The place of origin of the Windmill Hill culture Jacquetta Hawkes127
Notes on excavations in England, the Irish Free State, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, during 1935 Grahame Clark, H.G. Leask, Estyn Evans, V. Gordon Childe and W.F. Grimes130
The excavation of a long barrow in Holdenhurst Parish, near Christchurch, Hants Stuart Piggott1
Acheulian flake tools Harper Kelley15
The multiple-cist cairn at Mount Stewart, County Down, Northern Ireland E. Estyn-Evans and Basil R.S. Megaw29
Early Iron Age site at Southcote, Reading C.M. Piggott and W.A. Seaby43
Inferences on the problem of the Pleistocene climate of Palestine and Syria drawn from flora, fauna and stratigraphy L. Picard58
The chambered barrow in Parc le Breos Cwm, South Wales Glyn Daniel71
Studies in the Palaeolithic succession in England: No. I. The Barnham sequence T.T. Paterson87
A comparison of the Pleistocene of East Anglia with that of Germany Friedrich E. Zeuner136
The Beaker folk in the Cotswolds E.M. Clifford158
A Beaker from Bourton-on-the-Water G.C. Dunning158
Note on a Bronze Age cauldron from Craven, Yorkshire W.K. Mattinson and L.S. Palmer158
A flint sickle with associated objects from East Knoyle, Wiltshire W.A. Smallcombe158
The Neolithic pottery of Yorkshire N. Newbigin189
Report on excavations at Jaywick Sands, Essex (1934) with some observations on the Clactonian industry and on the fauna and geological significance of the Clacton Channel K.P. Oakley and Mary Leakey217
New aspects and problems in Irish prehistory: Presidential Address for 1937 A. Mahr261
Notes on excavations in England, the Irish Free State, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales during 1937 J.G.D. Clark, H.G. Leask, E. Estyn-Evans, V. Gordon-Childe and W.F. Grimes437
The timber monument at Arminghall and its affinities Grahame Clark1
The Pleistocene succession in the lower part of the Thames Valley W.B.R. King and K.P. Oakley52
The excavation of long barrow 163a on Thickthorn Down, Dorset C.D. Drew and Stuart Piggott77
Field archaeology in the Royston District O.G.S. Crawford97
The megalithic monuments of Wales W.F. Grimes106
Problems of the borderland of archaeology and geology in Britian: Presidential address for 1936 P.G.H. Boswell149
Mesolithic flints from the submerged forest at West Hartlepool C.T. Trechmann161
A note on the zoogeographical history of north western Europe Philip Ullyott169
Archaeology of the submerged land-suface of the Essex coast S. Hazzledine-Warren, Stuart Piggott, J.G.D. Clark, M.C. Burkitt and H. and M.E. Godwin178
Notes on excavations in England, the Irish Free State, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales during 1936 J.G.D. Clark, H.G. Leask, E. Estyn-Evans, V. Gordon-Childe and W.F. Grimes211
Changing methods and aims in prehistory: Presidential address for 1935 V. Gordon Childe1
Late Bronze Age lynchet-settlements on Plumpton Plain, Sussex G.A. Holleyman and E. Cecil Curwen16
The pottery from the sites on Plumton Plain C.F.C. Hawkes39
The Farnham Terraces and their sequence Henry Bury60
The prehistory of the Isle of Man Grahame Clark70
The Darmsden flint implements Reid Moir93
Three Combe-Capelle hand-axes from Norfolk J.E. Sainty98
A re-examination of the Therfield Heath long barrow, Royston, Hertfordshire C.W. Phillips101
A possible pedigree of long barrows and chambered cairns W.J. Hemp108
A note on the relative chronology of the English long barrows Stuart Piggott115
The place of origin of the Windmill Hill culture Jacquetta Hawkes127
Notes on excavations in England, the Irish Free State, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, during 1935 Grahame Clark, H.G. Leask, Estyn Evans, V. Gordon Childe and W.F. Grimes130

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