The Society’s newsletter, PAST, was first produced in July 1986. It is currently published three times a year in April, July and November and carries short articles and reports on current fieldwork, etc...

Contributions are invited from both members and non-members and should be sent to
Joanna Brück,
Department of Archaeology,
University College Dublin,
Dublin 4, Ireland

Contributions on disk or as e-mail attachments are preferred (either Word 6 or RTF files) but hardcopy is also accepted. Illustrations can be sent as drawings, slides, prints or tif files.

Quick Reference:

Past 65, July 2010
Past 65
1Mb pdf file
  • The Moon, The Bonfire and The Beaker? Analysing White Inlay From Beaker Pottery in Aberdeenshire
  • A Unique Iron Age Gold Hoard Found Near Stirling
  • The Bronze Age of the Thames Valley: New Research, New Thoughts, New Agendas
  • Phil Dean: In Memoriam
  • Addenda To Our '1935' Edition of PAST
  • Derek Simpson Archive
  • Meetings Programme 2010-2011
  • A Fantastic International Bronze Age Line-up In Durham, 14 May 2011 – The Prehistoric Society's 2011 Europa Conference
  • The Archaeology and Environment of Prehistoric Rock Carvings on Nen Lawers
  • Newswarp on the Web
  • Lithic Scatters Session, TAG 2009
  • Journeys to the Underworld: Ritual Transformations of Persons, Objects and Caves in Prehistoric Central Sardinia
  • A Pecked Stone from a Neolithic Settlement Site at Green, Isle of Eday, Orkney
Past 64, April 2010
Past 64
0.7Mb pdf file
  • Number 1, 1935
  • The Hurlers As They Were: Re-Erection Of Ancient Beaker Folk’s Stone Circles
  • Neolithic Man At Whiteleaf Barrow
  • Megaliths And Marmalade At Avebury!
  • From The Editor
  • Dating The Priddy Circles, Somerset
  • Brú Na Bóinne World Heritage Site Research Framework
  • The Isle Of Wight Study Weekend, June 2009
  • Notice Of The 2010 (For 2009) Annual General Meeting
  • Prehistoric Society Activities 2009
  • Statement Of Financial Activities For The Year Ended 31 December 2009
  • Avebury To Norwich 'Thunder Run'
  • Roger Jacobi
  • New Data On Prehistoric High Mountain Agriculture In Teverga, Spain
  • New Rock Art And Old Forests On The Isles Of Scilly
  • A New Woodhenge
  • Forthcoming Event
  • New Books
  • Missing Gold Cup!
  • Work At Maiden Castle Continues Apace
Past 63, November 2009
Past 63
1.25Mb pdf file
  • Excavating a Bronze Age Timber Platform at Must Farm, Whittlesey, Near Peterborough
  • New Evidence For Midlate Neolithic Burial From The Colne Valley, West London
  • Pots For The Afterlife: Organic Residue Analysis of British Bronze Age Pottery From Funerary Contexts
  • Successful Research Papers Series Launched
  • The Prehistoric Society's 75th Anniversary
  • Conference News
  • Early Neolithic Pottery From Dartford, Kent
  • Run Of Pps
  • Prehistoric Society Study Tour To Sardinia
  • New Features At Avebury From Hand Coring: Geoarchaeology In Action!
  • Recent (And Not So Recent) Excavations In The Vale Of Pickering
Past 62, July 2009
Past 62
1.4Mb pdf file
  • Preliminary Archaeological Survey of the Indigenous Territory Pacaas Novos in Rondônia, Western Brazil
  • A ‘New’ Neolithic Enclosure at Rossnaree, Brú na Bóinne, County Meath
  • Conferences
  • The Solent Basin and West Sussex Raised Beaches Field Meeting of the Quaternary Research Association & Prehistoric Society
  • Meetings Programme 2009–2010
  • The Europa Day Conference 2009—The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: Searching for the Mesolithic
  • Important: Are You a Star?
  • Two Realistic Neolithic Portraits from the Central Balkans
  • Ian Alexander George Shepherd 1951–2009
  • Campaign to Restore Carwynnen Quoit, Camborne, Cornwall
  • New Monograph Series Launched: The Prehistoric Society Research Papers
  • The Prehistoric Society Student Study Tour to North Wales, 24–26 April 2009
Past 61, April 2009
Past 61
1.2Mb pdf file
  • The Ardnamurchan Transitions Project, Western Scotland
  • Pullyhour—A Signpost to the Past
  • The Neolithic of the Thames Valley: Exploring Regional Diversity
  • Conferences
  • Prehistoric Society Activities 2008
  • Statement of Financial Activities for the Year Ended 31 December 2008
  • Roy Allen Bequest
  • Europa Day 2009
  • Discoveries to the East of Cranborne Chase: The Damerham Archaeology Project
  • New Initiatives—Prehistoric Society Website and Research Papers
  • Preserving the John Wymer Archive
  • Conquering the Mountains: Landscape Learning and the Colonisation of Cyprus
Past 60, November 2008
Past 60
0.9Mb pdf file
  • New Lower Palaeolithic Finds from the Axe Valley, Dorset
  • Prehistory of Mendip, Weekend Study Tour 15–17 August 2008
  • A Radiocarbon-dated Ebbsfleet Ware Bowl from North Kent
  • Is There a British Chalcolithic? People, Place and Polity in the Later Third Millennium BC
  • The 2008 Prehistoric Society Europa Day Conference
  • The Brú Na Bóinne World Heritage Site, Co. Meath, Ireland: An Emerging Research Framework
  • The Distribution of Arran Pitchstone: Territories, Exchange and the ‘English Problem’
  • Death and Burial in a Basalt Landscape: The Homs Cairn Project, Syria
  • The Prehistoric Society Student Study Tour, Northumberland National Park, April 2008
Past 59, July 2008
Past 59
4.8Mb pdf file
  • New Work near Nutbourne, West Sussex
  • A Coastal Survey of Western Marmarica
  • Childe Fifty Years After
  • Rapid Field Investigation Methods and a New Mesolithic Site Approach for the Weald, UK
  • Meetings Programme 2008–2009
  • Research and Conservation Framework for the British Palaeolithic
  • Book Offer
  • Run Of PPS
  • Recent Discoveries of Peterborough Ware in Central London
  • Conferences
  • The Southern Kintyre Project: Interactions Across the Irish Sea
  • Rambles in Rock Art Part 3: The Petroglyphs of Sarmishsai
Past 58, April 2008
Past 58
4.4Mb pdf file
  • Prehistoric Society Visit to Silbury Hill, October 2007
  • Geophysical Survey on a Southern French Oppidum
  • Prehistoric Society UK Study Tour 2007
  • Conferences, Meetings And Other News
  • A Neolithic Structure of Possible Ritual Significance from the Republic of Macedonia
  • Run Of PPS For Sale
  • Book Offer
  • The American Southwest: An Archaeological Study Tour
  • Stonehenge Road Scheme and Visitor Centre
  • Geophysical Fieldwork at Whitchurch, Warwickshire
  • Prehistoric Ritual and Ceremony at Lismullin, County Meath, Ireland
Past 57, November 2007
Past 57
0.9Mb pdf file
  • Excavating Art: Recent Excavations At The Rock Art Sites At Torbhlaren, Near Kilmartin, Mid-Argyll, Scotland
  • Inqua Conference, Cairns 2007
  • The Irish Early Neolithic House - New Insights?
  • Bitting Damage: Investigating Prehistoric Horse Use
  • Society News
  • Conferences, Meetings And Other News
  • Erratum
  • Run Of PPS For Sale
  • A Middle Bronze Age Metalworking Building And Enclosure At Sigwells, Somerset, England
  • Readers’ Comments
  • The Pairing Of Enclosures: Excavations At Winnall Down Ii, Hampshire
  • East Meets West, The Agricultural Transition Way
Past 56, July 2007
Past 56
1.6Mb pdf file
  • The Petroglyphs Of Tamgaly, Kazakhstan
  • New Excavations At Star Carr
  • The Pre-Roman Archaeology Of Chester’s Roman Amphitheatre
  • The Salcombe Find – Some Comments From Readers
  • The 2007 Europa Lecture
  • Europa 2008: A New Location, A New Format And A Major Event
  • Prehistoric Society Meetings And Events 2007-8
  • Dating A Pegged, Socketed, Leaf-Blade Spearhead From Lancashire: Some Implications For The Region’s Bronze Age
  • Conference News
  • A Shockingly New Pit alignment On The Trent Gravels
  • An Inka Administrative Site In The Ancash Highlands, North-Central Andes
  • Decoration On The Neolithic Painted Vessels From The Republic Of Macedonia
Past 55, April 2007
Past 55
1.2Mb pdf file
Past 54, November 2006
Past 54
1Mb pdf file
Past 53, July 2006
Past 53
1.2Mb pdf file
Past 52, April 2006
Past 52
0.8Mb pdf file
Past 51, November 2005
Past 51
0.9Mb pdf file
Past 50, July 2005
Past 50
0.9Mb pdf file
Past 49, April 2005
Past 49
2.2Mb pdf file
Past 48, November 2004
Past 48
Past 47, July 2004
Past 47
Past 46, April 2004
Past 46
Past 45, November 2003
Past 45

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