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The Conference Fund

ADMINISTRATION OF THE CONFERENCE FUND approved by Council at its meeting on 17 December 1986.


The Conference Fund of the Society was established in 1986 and is open to all prehistorians. Its aim is to further the development of prehistory as an international discipline. At present, two scholarships per annum are available and are usually in the range of £200-£300 each. The fund is intended to offer funding to those who might not otherwise be able to travel to an international conference. Particular emphasis is placed on scholars from developing countries.

Applications from both members and non-members will be considered. Applications may also be made by conference organisers, on behalf of attending scholars.

All applications and references must be received by 31st January.

Applications and references should be sent to:

    The Administrative Assistant
    The Prehistoric Society
    Institute of Archaeology
    31-34 Gordon Square
    WC1H 0PY

Should you wish to apply, you can download the application form by using one of the options below.

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