Able to communicate in textual forms (essays, reports, journal entries, web pages etc) in an appropriate style with a clear narrative flow




Palgrave's Skills4Study Campus: Writing Skills
This interactive resource provides modules on a range of study skills, including writing skills. To login click on 'Institution login', UCL and then enter your UCL username and password
Transition Programme Study Skills UCL's Transition Programmes provides resources for the development of a variety of study skills, including written materials
Mantex Study Notes: Essay Planning Detailed notes on planning an essay - a good plan could save you wasting time at the writing stages
Online English Grammar A quick way to check your grammar before submitting your written coursework
26 Golden Rules for Writing Well A list of short, essential reminders to help with checking your written work
IGE: the interactive Grammar of English
UCL's Survey of English Usage has developed this app for IOS and android mobile devices. The app provides an extensive glossary, a guided course and interactive exercises covering the entire grammar of English.
GrammarBook.com This is a companion website to the book: The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation by Jane Straus. The book itself is excellent for clarifying the rules of grammar so that it is useful for beginners and a refresher for more confident writers. The website offers almost identical content to the book for free including quizzes to test your knowledge. If you are looking for a place to increase your confidence in grammar usage then start here and it'll be a place you will keep coming back to.
Grammar Girl: quick and dirty tips for better writing
This is an excellent resource for grammar - and writing in general - and has won an award for Writer's Digest: Best writing website
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