Thinking Critically

Able to consider claims made against the evidence available and to develop one’s own view systematically

Thinking Critically



Palgrave's skills4studycampus: critical thinking
Thinking critical is a key component of your learning in Higher education. This module explores what that means and how you can develop your critical thinking skills.
Transition Programme Study Skills UCL's Transition Programmes provides resources for the development of a variety of study skills, including critical thinking
The Open University: Critical Thinking This resource, from The Open University, provides advice on how to think critically. You will need to create a guest login to access the resource.
The Critical Thinking Community This site provides a wealth of information on critical thinking and some tools for developing yours
Critical Thinking on the Web This provides a portal to different sites focusing on different aspects of critical thinking
The Structure of Sound Arguments A discussion of what constitutes a sound academic argument, with advice on further sources of help and references
Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum A detailed guide to critical thinking, including links to subject-specific resources in this area (from Longview College, Missouri)

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