Analysing Data

Able to filter and organise information to develop an argument and work toward a conclusion, applying numerical analysis where appropriate

Analysing Data



Palgrave's Skills4Study Campus: reading and note-making This module will help you develop the skills you need to help you effectively manage the information that comes your way; whether in lectures, writing assignments or doing your own research
Learn Higher: Analysing This
A free online resource developed by Learn Higher and Manchester Metropolitan University to get you started analysing data.
How to do a research project: analysing and interpreting yoru findings
This resource, developed by Colin Robson from Blackwell Publishing, looks are data analysis for different types of research projects.
For if you need a bit of a refresher or are looking to practice and develop your numeracy skills.
Hotlist: Mathematics and Computer Science  A range of resources covering all aspects of study in Maths and Computer Science, from the Franklin Institute (USA).

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