Beginners Positrons Positronium
A Beginner's Guide
        Although still considered somewhat exotic particles, positrons (the antiparticles of electrons) and positronium (the bound state of an electron and a positron) are currently employed in the exploration of a variety of physical phenomena.
        For instance, positron emission tomography (PET) is a well established medical technique used to study the human brain and investigate brain disease.
PET Scans
Defect Studies
        Positrons are also important as non-destructive diagnostic tools of industrially important materials.
        In addition, the detection of annihilation lines of positrons and positronium emanating from the centre of our galaxy renders their interaction with matter of interest to astrophysicists.
Galactic Positrons
        Of course, the positron is also an essential ingredient for the creation of antihydrogen.
        In atomic physics, scattering studies using beams of positrons and positronium with speeds comparable to those of atomic electrons are contributing to the unravelling of general collision phenomena as well as illuminating specific interactions and processes such as exchange and annihilation.