UCL Population Health Sciences


Why choose UCL?

At UCL, we approach population health in a unique way. As a multi-faculty university, we are able to combine all kinds of disciplines to understand patterns of health and disease.

Research groups and strength

Our institutes together encompass conception, birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, older age and death. 

The Institutes for Women's Health, of Child Health, Cardiovascular Science and Epidemiology and Health Care comprehensively address these phases and periods at an individual and population level. 

The Institutes of Clinical Trials and Methodology, Health Informatics and Global Health focus on how potential health gains can be realised nationally and internationally.

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The London advantage

One of the many advantages of being in the centre of London is our links to, and collaborations with, a number of clinical partners and leading policy-making institutions, including the Medical Research Council (MRC), Wellcome Trust, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Public Health England, NICE, the Department of Health, the Francis Crick and Alan Turing Institutes and UCL's partner health facilities and Biomedical Research Centres. 

Students on our clinical programmes in child and women's health have the opportunity to work alongside leading clinicians at some of London's major hospitals, including Great Ormond Street and University College Hospital. Our unparalleled access to high quality research facilities and academic expertise informs the structure and content of the teaching programmes we offer.

The student experience

The student experience is at the heart of our educational vision. UCL provides the resources associated with a world-leading university, and our Institutes have excellent discipline-specific facilities. For example, newly refurbished laboratories at the Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and recent investment in non-invasive imaging, high-speed computing and 'omics' analysis capabilities, have increased opportunities for research projects. UCL also provides students with a wealth of services to meet their cultural, social, and leisure interests and their practical needs.

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