UCL Population Health Sciences


Humanitarian Policy and Practice MSc

This Humanitarian Policy and Practice MSc will equip you with the analytical and evaluative skills to enable you to interpret and analyse complex humanitarian situations.

Humanitarian Policy and Practice MSc degree overview

Preventing and responding to humanitarian emergencies is a growing global priority. Wars, disasters, pandemics and the growing impacts of climate change demand new understanding and new ways of working. 

Based in UCL's world-leading Faculty of Population Health Sciences, the core of your learning will be related to improving humanitarian policy and practice with the ultimate goal of saving lives and preventing health crises. 

Course benefits

  • You will develop the ability to understand the deeper contexts in which humanitarian crisis have arisen, as well as gaining the judgment and skills to make complex decisions taking into account geo-political, environmental, health and other factors. 
  • This programme offers you this cross-disciplinary perspective along with a solid grounding in the methodologies needed to interpret conflicting information and make appropriate judgments in difficult circumstances. 
The launch of the new MSc demonstrates that UCL is committed to producing graduates who can make a real difference in the world. I look forward to welcoming our first cohort of students, who I’m sure will go on to become the next generation of experts.”  Dr Maria Kett, Programme Director

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