UCL Population Health Sciences


Faculty Medal Winner 2022

6 September 2022

Congratulations to Cardiovascular Science iBSc student Sumayyah Tahsin on winning the 2022 UCL Population Health Sciences Faculty Medal.

Student Sumayyah Tahsin at work in a lab.

Every year each UCL faculty awards a medal on the basis of academic excellence to the student who is deemed to have produced outstanding work during the course of their undergraduate degree programme. This years winner of the Population Health Sciences Faculty Prize Medal is Sumayyah Tahsin.

Sumayyah's project was titled: ’Attenuation of doxorubicin mediated cardiotoxicity using Sodium-ß-O-Methyl Cellobioside sulfate (mCBS) histone inhibition’. It involved reviewing drugs that are used to treat cancer that commonly cause toxic side effects to the heart. She investigated this heart damage and explored whether various other drugs could be used to reduce the damage to the heart cells. Sumayyah says: “It truly was an amazing experience and the best part of my undergraduate degree so far!”.

Sumayyah performed incredibly well across all modules in the iBSc. She has been an excellent student and has also been nominated for the H.A.B. Simons prize. She was one of only 3 students to achieve >70% in every module and had the highest average mark across the whole course. The Board of Examiners feel that Sumayyah has been an exemplary student and wholeheartedly support her nomination for the faculty medal. 

Other prizes announced in the faculty this year include the coveted Dean's List. Congratulations to all of our winners!  

Dean's List

  • Sumayyah Tahsin, iBSc Cardiovascular Science
  • Sruthi Kallath, iBSc Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Kitty Scott, iBSc Global Health
  • Kimberley Montague, iBSc Women's Health
  • Drew Leamon, iBSc Primary Care
  • Eunice Yuan, BSc Population Health Sciences
  • Yaning Wu, BSc Population Health Sciences (Data Science)