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Health Technology Assessment

Short TitleFull TitleDepartmentName of PIWhether PI is an Health Economists or notStart/End date
HERCULESHealthcare Exemplar For Recovery From COVID-19 By Use Of Linear Examination SystemsInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareAngus Ramsay YesOct 2021 - Feb 2023
 Stroke: Innovations in major system reconfiguration in EnglandInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareNaomi FulopYes2011 - 2018
iQUASERiQUASER: Implementation & evaluation of a guide for NHS boards to develop quality improvementInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareNaomi FulopYes2014 - 2017
PHOTONICPrehospital triage for suspected stroke patientsInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareAngus RamsayYesSept 2021 - Aug 2023
 Mixed Methods evaluation of a hospital group model using an embedded research approachInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareNaomi FulopYesOct 2017- Apr 2020
RSETRapid Service Evaluation TeamInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareSteve Morris; Naomi FulopYes2018 - 2023
IMP2ARTImplementing Improved Asthma self-management as RoutineInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareNaomi Fulop; Jessica SheringhamYes2018 - 2024
NeuroSAFENeuroSAFE.Single-blinded, multi-centre RCT comparing NeuroSAFE Robot prostatectomyInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareGregory Shaw/2019 - 2022
MROCMRI in Ovarian CancerInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareAndrea Rockall (Imperial)/2015 - 2020
 Feasibility study of a cohort embedded randomised control trialInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareMaxine Tran/Apr 2019- Apr 2022
 Evaluating the effectiveness of the alcohol reduction smartphone appInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareClaire Garnett/2020 - 2023
 Evaluating an early social communication intervention for children with Down SyndromeInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareVesna Stojanovik (BRISTOL School of Psychology)/2019 - 2022
 Cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic chemo in colorectal, ovarian and gastric cancerInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareK. Gurusamy/2019 - 2023
 Cost-utility analysis of Mechanical Thrombectomy in treatment of acute ischemic stroke in USAInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareElena PizzoYes 
 Developing an integrated community mobilisation package to prevent childhood injuries in rural BangladeshInstitute for Global HealthEdward Fottrell/Apr 2020 - Oct 2021
 Exploring the feasibility and acceptability of a parenting intervention to improve early childhood nutrition and stimulation in Iran's deprived provincesInstitute for Global HealthJolene Skordis; Hassan Haghparast-BidgoliYesDec 2015-Nov 2016
 Identifying Health Service Priorities: Developing and Applying a Tool for Navigating the EvidenceInstitute for Global HealthJolene Skordis-WorrallYesNov 2017 - Apr 2018
WANTAIMWomen And Newborn Trial of Antenatal Interventions and ManagementInstitute for Global HealthNeha BaturaYesFeb 2016 - Jan 2018
DIFFERDiagonal Interventions to Fast-Forward Enhanced Reproductive healthInstitute for Global HealthJolene Skordis-WorrallYesOct 2011 - Oct 2016
REFANIResearch on Cash and Voucher Transfers in Nutritional EmergenciesInstitute for Global HealthAndrew SealYes2014-2017
SUPASupporting Uptake and adherence to antiretroviralsInstitute for Global HealthRob Horne/2010-2019
 HIV Synthesis ModelInstitute for Global HealthAndrew PhillipsYesJan 2012– (ongoing)
 STAR HIV Self-Testing AfricaInstitute for Global HealthValentina Cambiano (UCL lead); Liz Corbett (LSHTM), Karin Hatzold (PSI)Yes2015 - 2020
ASSISTAssessing the impact of introducing online postal self-sampling for sexually transmitted infections into sexual health provision within the UK on health inequalities, access to care and clinical outcomesInstitute for Global HealthFiona Burns; Jo Gibbs/Jan 2021-  Mar 2024
PrEP IMPACT TrialA pragmatic health technology assessment of PrEP and implementationInstitute for Global HealthRichard GilsonYesOct 2017 - (ongoing)
VITAA randomised controlled trial to assess the clinical and cost effectiveness of topical lactic acid gel for treating second and subsequent episodes of bacterial vaginosisInstitute for Global HealthRichard GilsonYesNov 2017 - (ongoing)
 Impacts of digital technologies on health and social care servicesInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareManuel GomesYesOct 2019 - (ongoing)
 Development Evaluation Digital Behaviour Change InterventionsInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareJamie Brown//
 Long Term Nicotine Replacement TherapyInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareLion Shahab/    /   
 Use of smartphone applications to enhance smoking cessation supportInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareAleksandra Herbec//
 Developing effective intervention for family carers of people with dementiaDepartment of Statistical ScienceJulie Barber//
 Transforming treatment for glaucoma patients and reducing healthcare costsDepartment of Statistical ScienceGus Gazzard//
 Health economic evaluation of HPV vaccinationDepartment of Statistical ScienceGianluca BaioYes/
WISEWhole Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging (WISE) for advanced prostate cancerInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareDow-Mu Koh/2017 - 2020

Impact Assessment

Short TitleFull TitleDepartmentName of PIWhether PI is an Health Economists or notStart/End date
 Mobilising evidence on stroke service organisationInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareAngus RamsayYes2017 - 2020
 FLU: Evaluating the implementation of vaccinating school-aged children against seasonal influenzaInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareMartin UtleyYes2013 - 2016
 A risk prediction model for sudden cardiac death in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patientsDepartment of Statistical ScienceRumana Omar//
 Bayesian computations for Value of Information measures using Gaussian processes, INLA and Moment MatchingDepartment of Statistical ScienceGianluca BaioYes/
 Population adjustment with limited access to patient-level dataDepartment of Statistical ScienceGianluca Baio; Antonio Rojas-GarciaYes/
 Full Bayesian methods to handle missing data in health economic evaluationsDepartment of Statistical ScienceGianluca BaioYes/
 The Regression discontinuity design in epidemiologyDepartment of Statistical ScienceGianluca BaioYesSept 2012 - Mar 2015
 Bayesian survival modelling in health economic evaluationDepartment of Statistical ScienceGianluca BaioYes 
 A modelling framework for estimation of benefit using single arm clinical trialsDepartment of Statistical ScienceGianluca BaioYes/
 Full Bayesian methods to model utility measures using mixture of distributionsDepartment of Statistical ScienceGianluca BaioYes/


Health Econometrics

Short TitleFull TitleDepartmentName of PIWhether PI is an Health Economists or notStart/End date
 The HIV Modelling ConsortiumInstitute for Global HealthAndrew PhillipsYesOct 2019 - Sept 2023

Health Financing

Short TitleFull TitleDepartmentName of PIWhether PI is an Health Economists or notStart/End date
 Afya Credit Incentive for Improving Maternal and Child HealthInstitute for Global HealthJolene Skordis-WorrallYesSpring 2016 - Autumn 2018
 HIV Allocative Efficiency and Financial Commitment Studies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, using OptimaInstitute for Global HealthJolene Skordis-WorrallYesFeb 2015 - Novr 2015

Equitable Health Systems

Short TitleFull TitleDepartmentName of PIWhether PI is an Health Economists or notStart/End date
 A City Collaboratory approach to early promotion of good health and wellbeingInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareJohn Wright and Andrew HaywardYesJun 2019 - May 2024
 Developing a Scalable Programme to Promote Early Childhood Nutrition and Development in Rural Uganda: A Feasibility StudyInstitute for Global HealthJolene Skordis and Hassan Haghparast-BidgoliYesSept 2017 - Mar 2019
 The Design of Novel Ready-to-Use Foods for the Treatment and Prevention of MalnutritionInstitute for Global HealthAndrew SealYesNov 2006 - Dec 2013
Thanzi La OnseThanzi La Onse: building a model of health and health care in Malawi to inform health care resource allocationInstitute for Global HealthAndrew PhillipsYesOct 2017 - Oct 2021
 Supporting Public Health Institutes (Bangladesh): Investing in PeopleInstitute for Global HealthSarah HawkesYesJan 2015 - Dec 2019
 Using linked health use data and council data to examine health and social care use at the end of lifeInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareManuel GomesYesOct 2019 - (ongoing)
DRIVERSAddressing the strategic Determinants to Reduce health Inequity ViaEarly childhood, Realising fair employment, and Social protectionInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareHynek Pikhart/2012 - 2015
INEQCITIESSocio-economic inequalities in mortality: evidence and policies in cities of EuropeInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareHynek Pikhart/2009 - 2012

Economic Development and Health

Short TitleFull TitleDepartmentName of PIWhether PI is an Health Economists or notStart/End date
POWER POWER Project: Protecting women from economic shocks to fight HIV in AfricaInstitute for Global HealthAurélia LépineYesFeb 2020 - Feb 2024
 Economic hardship, insecurity, mental health and nutritional choicesInstitute of Epidemiology & Health CareRachel Griffith Nov 2022 - Dec 2023