UCL Population Health Sciences


Impact Assessment

Our research explores diverse ways of assessing the impact of interventions on the health of individuals to best inform the choice of policy makers.

Impact Assessment

Evaluation of health interventions is essential to inform the decision-making process on how to allocate scarce resources. Outcome measurement is part of this evaluation process. It reflects the impact of a health service or intervention on the health status of patients. Understanding the clinical and patient impact is essential for designing appropriate healthcare interventions. Outcome measurement is also essential to help health care providers make decisions about patient management. It can predict which patients will benefit most from an intervention. Finally, outcome data encourage quality improvement by helping physicians assess their outcomes and giving them the tools to learn from their peers. Thus, improving care delivery depends on the development of clear approaches to outcome measurement. 

Our research aims to select the most appropriate outcome measure for a particular purpose. Methods for determining health outcomes, such as risk adjustment methods, are constantly evolving and better methods are needed to minimise the reporting of misleading or even inaccurate information about the quality of health care. 

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