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Health Technology Assessment

We aim to inform how the economic impact of health technologies and interventions should be assessed to assist policy makers in their decision-making.


Health Technology Assessment

Given that there are finite resources available for improving health and providing health care, decision-makers often face difficult trade-offs in allocating resources to the most effective interventions in terms of prevention as well as diagnosis and treatment. Economic evaluations as part of Health technology assessment (HTA) can support the decision-making process by producing transparent and robust evaluations of the costs and consequences of new health technologies. Using rigorous methods, economic evaluation and HTA provides information on the likelihood that a health technology can benefit patients in relation to the costs.   

Working with a range of stakeholders including patients, clinicians, service providers, government agencies and communities, we aim to provide high-quality evidence to inform policymakers on the costs,  consequences and wider impact of health interventions. We work on a range of health priority areas, including mental health, sexual health, and non-communicable diseases. We are also exploring how to improve the current methodology and the way in which health economics evidence is synthesised in order to develop ever more robust tools to best inform policymakers.

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