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Health Financing

We conduct high-quality research on health financing to improve the coverage of health services and the financial protection of individuals.


Health Financing

Health financing is a key determinant of the health system, as it determines the availability and accessibility of qualitative services. A good health financing system allows people in need of health care to access the health system without financial hardship. Health financing is also a key lever for achieving universal health coverage by ensuring that resources are used efficiently and equitably. By using incentive tools, health financing can also encourage users to seek health services and providers to deliver quality health services. 

However, the financial resources available to decision-makers are always limited. Decision-makers must therefore make choices about the allocation of these resources that will have consequences for the health system. There are trade-offs in all health financing strategies. 

HEPL researchers are investigating financing mechanisms that can be used to increase equitable access to health services. We aim to evaluate different financing strategies and their impact on health outcomes and equity. We explore the drivers of health spending, the distributional effects of different financing systems, and policy-relevant resource allocations. 

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