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Health Econometrics

UCL researchers are developing and applying econometric methods to health economics to meet the new challenge of complex health data and context.


Health Econometrics

In recent years, work in health economics econometrics has grown dramatically. Numerous micro and macro data sets are now available, but the analysis of these data requires a combination of a good command of the tools and an understanding of economic behaviour regarding health and health care. Health economics is an important and challenging area of research for econometricians because of the complexity of the data, arising from problems such as non-linearity of the models or the presence of unobserved heterogeneity for example. 

At the HEPL, we apply statistical and econometric methods to answer a wide range of health economics, insurance, public health, and epidemiology questions. We contribute to theoretical and methodological advances in terms of new identification strategies or advances in econometric modelling. 

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