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Economic Development and Health

UCL researchers are working to make the most of the link between economic development and population health.


Economic Development and Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the close link between human health and the economy. Both are essential for the success and stability of our societies. Development economics and health are interrelated. While a healthy population is the result of a prosperous and equitable economy, it is also an essential element of a strong economy. Good health improves people's productivity and their capacity to participate in society. 

Economic development can be used to improve the health of people and reduce health inequalities. However, economic development and public health strategies tend to be designed separately leading to missed opportunities.  

We aim to explore the key issues and the interdependent relationship between public health and economic development. At the UCL HEPL, we explore the complex relationship between health and poverty/inequality. We assess the evidence on a range of global health issues and interventions to inform policy. 

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