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My experience of the FPHS Carers Fund: Dr Emilie Sauvage

Dr Emilie Sauvage, a research associate in the Institute of Cardiovascular Science, shares her experience of the Faculty’s Carers Fund scheme.

Emilie Sauvage - research associate Institute of Cardiovascular Science

3 October 2019

What is your role at UCL?

I'm a research associate at UCL in the Institute of Cardiovascular Science and I have been working there since 2015.

What challenges were you experiencing that led you to apply for the FPHS Carers Fund?

I first heard about the Carers Fund from my group leader Professor Silvia Schievano and received, soon after, a newsletter presenting the fund. It came at a moment when I had to organise a trip to a conference in the United States and was struggling to arrange childcare for my son. My partner was very busy at work and I was getting worried about finding someone to babysit our little one.

How did you decide that the Carers Fund was for you? 

I was told that the response time for this type of fund is quite short. I also found that it was designed to help parents (working at UCL) who are exactly in this situation: having a professional trip away from their home and needing to arrange different ways for temporary childcare. No other option was really available to us other than my partner having to take annual leave. 

How have you benefited from the Carers Fund?

The fund helped me (us) to pay for a flight ticket for my mother-in-law who came from the Czech Republic to take care of our little one during the time when I was away.