Department of Political Science


POLSXXXX Religion and Politics - (module not running in 2019/20)

Course Code: TBC

Course Tutor: 

Length: One Term

Teaching: 20 contact hours (10 lectures and seminars)

Assessment: 2,500 word essay (100%)

Credits: 15 credits/4 US Credits/7.5 ECTS Credits

Level: L6 (Advanced)

About this course

This module introduces students to the study of the relationship between religion and politics. The module will be structured around key research areas in the field such as the conditions under which societies or the institutions that govern them become secularised, the emergence and persistence of the religious-secular divide as a salient political cleavage, the formation and electoral performance of religious parties, the relationship between religion and regime type, the potential implications of religious doctrines for public policy and economic outcomes, the causes of religious violence, as well as the historical and contemporary role of religion in the international sphere.