Department of Political Science


POLS0017 or POLS0018 Political Studies: Directed Independent Study - Political Science Affiliate Students only

Course Code: POLS0017 or POLS0018

Course Tutor: Dr Tom O'Grady (Department of Political Science)

Length: One term (Autumn Term or Spring Term for POLS0017) Full Year (for POLS0018)

Teaching: Up to five tutorials per term in addition to private study plus associated private reading/study

Assessment: POLS0017 - 5,000 word dissertation (100%); POLS0018 - 10,000 word dissertation (100%)

Credits: POLS0017 - 15 credits, 4 (US), 7.5 (ECTS); POLS0018 - 30 credits, 8 (US), 15 (ECTS)

Module Level: L5 (Intermediate)

About this course 

The aim of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to undertake a directed independent study project. The students who select this course will be expected to agree a topic in consultation with the Affiliate tutor and a project supervisor. Students should have thought about a topic in advance, and come to the first meeting with the supervisor with questions about how to address their topic. The purpose of discussion with the supervisor is to define the scope of the project so that it can be done in one or two terms.

This course will allow students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of an area of politics/political science, having undertaken a piece of directed research on a subject of their choice.

As a guide, the module workload is expected to be 150 hours’ work per term. This consists of approximately 65 hours of private reading, 80 hours of written work and up to 5 tutorials with the student’s supervisor per term.

Areas for independent study include: British Politics, European Politics, Campaigns, Elections and Voting, International Relations, Political Theory, Constitutional Reform. Students from the US should consider topics on the UK or EU to make the most of their time in London.