Department of Political Science


POLS0056 Refugees BSc Politics and International Relations students only

Course Code: POLS0056

Course Tutor: Dr Kate Cronin-Furman (Department of Political Science)

Length: One Term (Autumn Term)

Teaching: 20 contact hours

Assessment: TBC

Credits: 15 credits, 4 (US), 7.5 (ECTS)

Module Level: L4

About this course

This module is only open to BSc Politics and International Relations students.

This course will investigate the politics of social movements and revolutions. To understand why people participate in protests and how they overcome coordination problems, we will consider examples of protests and revolutions from democracies and electoral autocracies around the world. The course will also study the relationship between the state and social movements, and the conditions under which protesters can gain the support of public opinion and influence government policy. Finally, we will examine the legacies of revolutionary success and failure, and how social movements can have persistent impacts on a country’s politics.