Department of Political Science


POLS0010 Data Analysis - 2nd Year BSc PPE Q-Step students only

Course Code: POLS0010

Course Tutor: Term One: Dr James Cheshire (Department of Geography)Dr Stephen Jivraj (Epidemiology and Public Health) Term Two: Dr Tom O'Grady (Department of Political Science)

Length: Full Year

Teaching: 60 contact hours

Assessment: One 3,000 word essay (weighted 50%) and two 1,500 word essays (each weighted 25%)

Credits: 30 credits/8 US Credits/15 ECTS Credits

Level: L5 (Intermediate)

About this course

This module is a second year core module for students enrolled on Q-Step programmes only, it cannot be taken by other students.

This module aims to build skills in applied statistics using a variety of methods, including regression, spatial analysis and quantitative text analysis. It starts with an introduction to multiple regression, advanced survey methods and missing data before going to look at a host of spatial analysis methods. In term 2, students will begin with an introduction to the quantitative analysis of text, including methods of document classification and web scraping. They will then be introduced to a wider range of regression techniques, including models for binary dependent variables, panel data, multilevel models, and multilevel modelling and poststratification. The course caters for students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. Students will become proficient users of statistical software (R)and be able to identify, analyse and interpret regression output. Throughout there is an emphasis on the use, interpretation and understanding of results.

By the end of the course the students will be:

· able to identify appropriate spatial and statistical modelling techniques;

· able to analyse text and speech quantitatively

· able to analyse data using multivariate regression models;

· able to analyse panel and multilevel data

· able to interpret regression output and critically appraise published research.