Department of Political Science


POLS0055 Globalisation and Populism (BSc Politics and International Relations students only)

Course Code: POLS0055

Course Tutor: TBC

Length: One term (Autumn Term)

Teaching: 20 contact hours

Assessment: One 2,000 word essay (60%) and one creative assessment (2,000 words) (40%)

Credits: 15 credits, 4 (US), 7.5 (ECTS) 

Module Level: L4 (Introductory)

About this course

Only open to first year BSc Politics and International Relations students in the Department of Political Science

This class explores the relationship between globalisation and populism, particularly as it has played out in the 21st century.  We will explore what globalisation is, and what its consequences are, focusing on trade, investment, regulation, and income inequality. We will also explore the reactions these economic trends have produced among the citizens of developed countries, discussing the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union, the election of Donald Trump, and the rise of far-right political parties in Europe. And we will consider the philosophical question: is globalisation something to be welcomed, or resisted?