Department of Political Science


Undergraduate students at UCL (Photo credit: UCL)


Undergraduate programmes

Politics and International Relations BSc

The new BSc in Politics and International Relations is designed for people who are passionate about politics, and who want to look in-depth behind the headlines to understand the forces shaping today's world.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics BSc

This new programme aims to provide breadth and depth in understanding social and political phenomena and the principles informing, and consequences following, policy choices.

Affiliate Undergraduate Programmes

The curriculum for our affiliate undergraduate programme is continuously reviewed to ensure that it includes the latest discoveries and developments in the field.

Modules for UCL Undergraduates

Our modules are available to affiliate and undergraduate students at UCL.

Nicola Sturgeon with Professor Robert Hazell (Photo credit: UCL)

Events and seminars

The Policy and Practice Seminar Series includes presentations of scholarly research and talks by high-profile policy makers, practitioners and academics.

They take place each weekand are are public events: all students and the general public are welcome to attend.

Lecturer in front of a display screen (Photo credit: UCL)


The School's academic discipline is political science, including the fields of international relations and political theory.

From 2001, the School has built up a core faculty of many academic staff across these fields, with a Department of Political Science coming formally into being in 2005.