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Violent and Non-Violent Conflict

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Dr Manuel Vogt (Department of Political Science)

Dr Nils Metternich (Department of Political Science)


One 3,000 word essay (100%)

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About this course

The module introduces students to the major themes and debates in the study of conflict processes with a focus on non-state actors and their impact on international security. It surveys a range of issues, including the causes and management of civil wars, terrorist violence, violence against civilians, the transnational diffusion of violent and non-violent conflict, individual participation in political contention, as well as post-conflict economic, political, and social reconstruction. In addition, the module covers the causes and impact of non-violent challenges to state authority, including transnational social movements.

The module aims to:

  • introduce students to a range of theoretical and empirical scholarship on non-state actors in violent and non-violent conflict
  • familiarise students with the conflict management options of contemporary policymakers in the field of security in their interactions with non-state actors
  • equip students with the conceptual and theoretical tools to critically assess existing theories and apply them to concrete real-world problems
  • provide students with the theoretical and methodological skills to develop and further their own independent theoretical reasoning