Department of Political Science


Theories and Actors of the Policy Process

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Prof Albert Weale (Department of Political Science)

Dr Claudio RadaelliĀ (Department of Political Science)


One 2 hour exam (75%) and presentation notes (25%).

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About this course

The aim of the course is to further understanding of the different actors, processes and stages involved in formulating public policies, using a range of analytical approaches. The course provides provide a sound account of the logic and structure of the main analytical approaches to the making and evaluation of public policies. It also shows how these approaches enable us to understand the role of key actors in the policy process. After taking the module, you should: be familiar with the main analytical approaches to the study of public policy; understand the underlying logic of each approach, and also understand how each theory can be applied to public policy processes. You should also be familiar with the main criticisms applicable to each approach and be in a position to evaluate the validity of those criticisms.

This is a core module for students registered on the MSc Public Policy programme and is not available as an optional module.