Department of Political Science


Practical Documentary Filmaking

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Dr Michael Yorke (Anthropology)


Video Project (80%) + Project Diary (20%)

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About this course

This course trains students in the practical and creative skills of video and digital technology to document research to a broadcast standard. This course will focus on the pre-scripted style of teamwork filmmaking, while ANTHGS20 focuses on an Observational and Ethnographic style of filmmaking. Student will produce their own 10-15 minute short documentary to be devised, shot and edited during the course. Assessment is 80% on the quality of the film and 20% on an accompanying Project Diary.  This course will entail a lab fee for UCL students of £1,000 on top of any fee for a Masters degree to cover the costs of putting on this course.  Students will have full access to the UCL Anthropology Audio Visual Lab with 11 Final Cut Pro enabled Macs as well as cameras for the duration of the course. Students who bring their own cameras will be reimbursed £180.

For details and course outline see www.ucl.ac.uk/anthropology/degree_programmes/filmmaking.htm

See previously made films on www.dailymotion.com/group/uclfilm