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Policy Advice 

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TBC (Department of Political Science)


One 2500 word memo (85%) and a presentation + slides and notes (15%)

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About this course

This course introduces students to the study and practice of policy advice. Graduates of SPP’s MPA and public policy degrees frequently become producers or users of policy advice in their careers.

This course seeks to help students prepare for this role. It familiarizes students with foundational scholarship on policy analysis. This is complemented by insights into the theory and practice of policy communication and the politics surrounding policy advice. 

Next to scholarship, the course exposes students to real-world policy advisors; and helps students develop the requisite analysis and written and oral communication skills for professional policy advice roles.

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Perform basic, multi-criteria policy analyses and provide policy advice on their basis
  2. Communicate policy advice effectively in both oral and written form
  3. Critically assess the validity of different forms of policy advice and the political and technical constraints on those offering and receiving it
  4. Understand the theoretical and empirical scholarship on producing and using policy advice

*This module is only available to EMPA and MPA students as well as, with instructor’s permission, M.Sc. students with at least three years of relevant professional experience.