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International Trade Policy

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Dr Michael Plouffe (Department of Political Science).


One 3,000 word research proposal.

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About this course

The causes and consequences of trade liberalisation are both subjects of lengthy debates, as is the relationship between international trade and other aspects of the global political economy. This module explores political and economic interactions surrounding the formation of trade policy as well as its consequences. Other aspects of the international political economy, such as development, investment, and migration, are all investigated as framed by their relationship to international trade. Much of the reading list reflects the state of the field, and students enrolled in the module will additionally be equipped with skills to evaluate research design, both in its application to trade policy as well as more widely applied.

This module is intended as an advanced complement to PUBL0004 International Political Economy. Students interested in this module should have some background in economics or quantitative international relations, as many of the readings are quantitative or formal in nature.