Department of Political Science


History and Theory of European Integration

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Dr Uta Staiger.


One 3,000 word essay.

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About this course

The course will discuss key moments in the political and institutional development of the European Communities and the European Union from the end of World War II to the Lisbon Treaty. The course will analyse the role of social and political actors at different historical moments, the establishment of institutions and their competences, evolving policy objectives, treaty reforms, and phases of enlargement. It will also take into account key historiographic and theoretical approaches that have aimed to explain and critically analyse the European integration process. The course is thus designed to equip students with a substantial body of historical and historiographic knowledge to understand, analyse and critically engage with the European integration process from 1945 to the Lisbon Treaty.

By the end of the course students will:

  • have gained a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the history of European integration since the end of World War II;
  • be familiar with the role of key social and political actors, institutions, events and other driving forces behind European integration;
  • have developed a critical awareness of the unfolding of historical processes and their impact on today‚Äôs topical debates on the European Union;
  • be able to critically interpret historical developments by drawing on the main scholarly debates on European integration

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