Department of Political Science


Governance and Public Management

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TBC (Department of Political Science)


One 2 hour exam (50%) and one 3,000 word project report (50%).

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About this course

This course provides MPA students with an overview of the interdisciplinary fields of public management and governance. It is designed to equip students with the requisite foundational academic knowledge for public sector management careers. To do so, the course introduces students to key concepts and theories in public management, exposes students to basic public management techniques and provides them with an understanding of how broader governance contexts shape effective public management approaches. By blending foundational scholarship on public management with real-world case applications, the course also trains students in evidence-based approaches to addressing public management problems.

With this in mind, students should, at the end of this course, be able to:

  1. Understand the core challenges in managing people and organisations in the public sector
  2. Appraise a range of institutional designs and management techniques for public sector management
  3. Evaluate how distinct governance contexts shape the effectiveness of public management techniques
  4. Critically reflect upon and apply public sector scholarship to address real-world public management problems

*This module is only available to MPA students