Department of Political Science


Global Public Policy

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Dr Inken von Borzyskowski (Department of Political Science)


One 3,000 word essay

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About the course

Fostering cooperation among state and non-state actors and across cultures and levels of development challenges the political imagination. What is more the number of states whose cooperation is essential continues to increase and nationalism endures. 

In this module we draw on theories of the policy process and international relations and investigate some case examples to develop our understanding of how to rise to this challenge. Students will: develop an understanding of the rationale for global public policy; learn who the key actors are; understand the ways in which public policy and international relations theories can help to interpret these developments; as well as apply these insights to different cases of contemporary global public policy.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the conceptual and theoretical basis of public policy
  • Demonstrate knowledge of case materials concerning global public policy
  • Critically analyse theories and evidence used in the analysis of public policy
  • Develop an understanding of the role of nation states and non-state actors in relation to public policy
  • Critically analyse the available institutions and resources for problem-solving on a global scale