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Contemporary Political Philosophy II: Social Justice and Equality

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Dr John Wilesmith (Department of Political Science)

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One 3,000 word essay

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About this course

What is social justice? What obligations do we each have to achieve social justice? Why, if at all, should we redistribute wealth in society? Is equality something we ought to aim for? If so, what kind of equality? 

This module explores these and other questions through the lens of analytical political philosophy. We will critically examine a range of debates on social justice, such as: the value of equality, the role of individual responsibility, moral justifications for the ownership of natural resources, and the structural effects of inequality.

In doing so, we will evaluate the political and moral theories of some of the most influential authors in contemporary political philosophy, such as: Elizabeth Anderson, G. A. Cohen, Ronald Dworkin, Robert Nozick, John Rawls, and Iris Marion Young.