Department of Political Science


Constitutional and Institutional Law of the European Union

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Dr Oliver Gerstenberg (Faculty of Laws)


One 3000 word essay

Credit Value

15 credits

About this course

The European Union is currently the most advanced example of international regional integration in the world. EU law is a fast-moving, multifaceted area, combining economic analysis and political influences. It has developed its own jurisprudential foundations and is an important legal force worldwide.

This module will explore the rapid evolution of EU Treaty reform in order to provide a sound knowledge and understanding of the institutional and constitutional law of the European Union and possible future developments in this field. The seminars will focus on the founding concepts of the EU constitutional order as revised by the Lisbon Treaty, the EU institutional setting, the system of judicial review and the complex relationship between the EU and national legal orders.

Please note that the module is not intended to be an 'apology' for the European agenda – students are strongly encouraged to adopt a critically informed approach to studying EU law.