Department of Political Science


Politics and International Relations BSc FAQs

When does the BSc Politics and International Relations programme commence? 
How do I apply?
How many places are there?
Do you limit the number of students that you take from a particular school?
How do I track my application?
Can I get feedback on my unsuccessful application?
Do you ever reconsider applications?
Can I transfer to the BSc Politics and International Relations programme?
I don't have A Level Maths. Can I still apply?
Is the Extended Project (EPQ) acceptable as a fourth AS Level?
What are you looking for in the personal statement?
Do you accept resits?
There were extenuating/mitigating circumstances during my exams. What should I do?
Am I eligible to apply with a grade A in A Level Mathematics in view of the fact that the A* grade was not available when I sat the examination?
What is the English language requirement?
How do I change my contact details?
How do I defer my offer?
I require a visa. When will I receive my CAS?
Does UCL have any scholarships I can apply for?
How will UCL receive notification of my results?
What should I read before applying to or starting the BSc Politics and International Relations programme?
BSc Politics & International Relations UCAS Issue 2018/19.