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Tom Kenny

MSc International Public Policy, 2007–2008

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny, MSc International Public Policy, 2007–2008.

During the final year of my law degree I applied to study MSc Public Policy, later transferring to MSc International Public Policy part-way through the course as it was the international sphere which really piqued my interest.

Unlike others who went on to exciting things straight after graduation, I took things at a more leisurely pace, doing a couple of internships and a variety of freelance research.

In September 2012 I joined HM Treasury in an exciting junior role on the strategy and coordination of EU ECOFIN issues (EO equivalent). Two years and a couple of promotions later I joined Financial Services as an SEO equivalent working on EU and International Banking policy. I actively make, develop and shape complex policy; negotiate with domestic, EU and international stakeholders; and perform continuing research and analysis, applying the panoply of course learning.

A couple of things I would say to prospective students based on my experience is that (entirely correctly) getting the most out of the course relies a lot on you - you will get more value if you continually look to apply the skills and theoretical underpinning taught (I should have done more!). Secondly, if you want a civil service career, the Fast Stream isn’t your only option – DFID, Cabinet Office and HMT recruit their own people regularly, look to temp or check the open jobs board. If you are good there will be opportunities to progress quickly regardless of the entry method, and you may have a highly valued foundation that many graduate entrants do not.

(Profile provided May 2015)

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