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Mari Tunby

MSc International Public Policy, 2010–2011

Mari Tunby

Mari Tunby, MSc International Public Policy, 2010–2011.

Having taken a year out to work as a student adviser following an MA in public administration at the University of York, I decided that the UCL MSc International Public Policy programme would be helpful in strengthening my skills in research methods – as well as furnishing me with five years of higher education recognised as a masters level criterion in the Norwegian labour market (I’m originally from Norway). However, after having finished my degree at UCL I decided to stay in the UK – battling the UK post-crash job market instead!

I learnt a couple of things from the year or so I spent juggling freelance work and unpaid internships before I moved on to full time (paid) and fairly degree-relevant work. For example, as a European citizen, I saw how privileged I was compared to my non-European peers who came too late to benefit from the post-study work visa. Since UCL is such an international university, it was sad to see friends with great qualifications having to leave after graduation to apply their skills elsewhere.

Since I pursued a UCL masters degree to improve my chances in the job market rather than with the ambition of an academic career, I found the support offered by the UCL Careers Service to be exceptional. I’d never experienced such professional, practical and patient support from a university careers centre before.

After having built up experience and contacts in London I was offered a job as a policy adviser at the business organisation CBI – through Linkedin. My role at the moment involves leading the organisation’s project on long-term public service reform in the run-up to the general election. Policy analysis plays a considerable part in it but the day-to-day project management requires understanding of commercial, political and media dynamics, where learning by doing seems to be the best policy.

(Profile provided August 2014)

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