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John Considine

MSc European Public Policy, 2007–2008

John Considine

John Considine, MSc European Public Policy, 2007–2008.

I finished at SPP in 2008 just as the crisis hit and the full impact was still unknown. However, one of the more productive things I did during my summer at SPP was to apply for a traineeship at the European Commission. Thinking that my lack of language abilities would hold me back, I was surprised to be offered a traineeship in the Cabinet for the Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services.

I had the opportunity to work at a very interesting time in Commission, as the current mandate for the College was coming to an end and as a result, I was privy to many important changes occurring inside the Commission. Working at such a political level really allowed me to apply what I had learnt during the Masters and to fully grasp how the European machine works in reality.

Post traineeship, I stayed in Brussels as I got a position as a Policy and Advocacy Officer at a European Organisation working in the field of Public Health. My work is very varied but my core responsibility is to influence the EU policy making process. This is dependent on my ability to understand the policy processes and work with policy makers, MEP’s and NGO’s to build support for stronger measure to promote health at across Europe.

I think I’ve taken a somewhat organic pathway since leaving SPP and I’m intrigued to see what the future holds but I can say that I probably wouldn’t be where I am without my Masters from SPP. Advice to current SPP students: enjoy your time at SPP, especially the summer as you’ll never have this time again but more importantly, consider opportunities abroad!

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