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Filip Tanay

MSc European Public Policy, 2008–2009

Filip Tanay

Filip Tanay, MSc European Public Policy, 2008–2009.

The MSc European Public Policy (EPP) programme at UCL School of Public Policy was key in helping me get my current job: working for the European Commission at DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. I work as a Policy Analyst in the Employment Analysis unit, which assesses the latest development in society and the labour market throughout the EU, providing analysis that helps steer EU and Member State policymaking to ensure a more inclusive and job-rich EU.

Having finished my BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics I knew that I wanted to hone my focus to policy research and design. The MSc European Public Policy programme at UCL was the perfect place to pursue it. The professors’ credentials really speak for themselves and the many modules available ensured I could tailor the course to my interests. However, what I was really impressed with was the constant willingness to help the students progress in their studies and the desire to ensure that we all strove to produce texts of publishable quality. Perhaps the most memorable of all was their ability to ignite our passion for the courses they were teaching – be it EU policies, development, democratisation and constitutional design or even research methods!

Being able to travel to Brussels and meet SPP alumni also helped make the whole study programme more tangible. After the masters I returned to Croatia, worked as a freelance project manager of EU funded social policy projects, founded an NGO and a local participatory democratic initiative with my friends and colleagues, and finally applied to work for the Commission, where I now have the honour and absolute pleasure of working.

The SPP is a great place where you will be supported in your studies by all of the professors, especially the Programme Director, Dr. Christine Reh. Make sure you tap into it when you are there!

(Profile provided September 2014)

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