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Christopher Covo

MA Legal and Political Theory, 2011-12

Christopher Covo

Christopher Covo, MA Legal and Political Theory, 2011-12.

Attending UCL has been one of the most important, valuable experiences of my life by creating a matchless opportunity to allow me to participate actively in a global dialogue with my peers. I often found myself thinking how fortunate I was to be surrounded by such knowledgeable and engaging personalities, individuals truly interested in improving themselves and the world.

After completing the program in the fall of 2012, I accepted a fellowship at the global communication and crisis management firm Hill + Knowlton Strategies in Austin, TX where I reported to the president of the US region, Dan Bartlett, former senior adviser to President George Bush. Following the fellowship, I accepted the role of Legislative Director for Rep. Jodie Laubenberg for the Texas legislative session, which only convenes every other year at the Texas capitol. The 83rd session recently ended and I am pleased to announce the launch of Edible San Antonio Magazine in October 2013, a bimonthly publication that I co-founded with my family and where I am Director of Business Development and Partnerships.

The education I received at UCL largely contributed to my immediate success as a young professional and added a priceless dimension to my story that makes me unique. I recommend students yearning for more than just a test and a mark, students hoping to educate themselves to contribute to society and the world we live in, strongly consider applying to any of the diverse programs offered by the UCL Political Science Department.

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