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Professor Robert Hazell (Photo credit: UCL)

Professor Robert Hazell

“I asked to be the Careers Tutor because it is central to what the Department does.  Many students do a Master’s course to make themselves more marketable.

Our task is to help you with that: to make you aware of the wide range of jobs out there, despite the recession; and to give you the skills and knowledge to apply for them.

In my life I have had four careers, so I know a lot about recruitment, from both sides.

I look forward to sharing that knowledge with you.  We start coaching you in applying for jobs from your very first month with us!”

Some of the ways that we help our students

  • We introduce students to UCL Careers during induction week so students are made aware of the range of career advice that is available shortly after they arrive.
  • We schedule a range of departmental career events throughout the academic year specifically targeted at School of Public Policy students. These events can help students identify the career path they wish to pursue and also enable students to make valuable contacts.
  • We circulate internship and career opportunities when received from external companies and UCL Careers deliver a talk that advises students how to apply for internships.
  • We arrange for academics to deliver a session advising students that are considering studying for a research degree what to expect should they choose this route.
  • We invite past students back to the department to share their career experiences with current students.
  • We host a seminar series in the autumn and spring terms, inviting a number of speakers to present on their specialised areas.
  • We provide and update regularly a specific careers section on the School of Public Policy student intranet. This includes various career information and resources that students can refer to throughout the year.
Helen West, UCL Careers (Photo credit: UCL)

UCL Careers

A video from Helen West (UCL Careers)

UCL Careers is available to provide advice and guidance to all students registered at UCL.

One of our past students, Temitayo Ogunye (Photo credit: UCL)

Alumni Profiles

Many of our former postgraduate students have gone on to do exciting things!

United Nations, New York (Photo credit: UN Photo)

Student Destinations

Details of graduate destinations from our past student cohorts. The information comes from the UCL destinations tool and uses data from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.