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UCL Careers

Ms Helen West

The video features Helen West from UCL Careers addressing the following topics:

  • How students can make the Masters count;
  • The benefits of an SPP Masters degree;
  • The careers support available at UCL and within SPP.

Additional UCL Careers Information

UCL Careers is available to provide advice and guidance to all students registered at UCL.

UCL Careers Service

UCL Careers Service

Whether you're unsure about future career options or have some ideas that you want to explore further, there's a lot of support available.

United Nations, New York (Photo credit: UN Photo)

Student Destinations

Details of graduate destinations from our past student cohorts. The information comes from the UCL destinations tool and uses data from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.

One of our past students, Temitayo Ogunye (Photo credit: UCL)

Alumni Profiles

Many of our former postgraduate students have gone on to do exciting things!