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Careers for Postgraduate Students

The provision of careers information is very important for our postgraduate students and so we work closely with UCL Careers and the Departmental Careers Tutor, Professor Robert Hazell to arrange a number of career events for students throughout the year.

Our past students have gone on to pursue careers within a range of sectors including: Public Administration and Defence, International Bodies and Research and Development.

“Needless to say, the knowledge and skills acquired during my MSc Public Policy degree have been incredibly useful in my work and they have given me the opportunity to pursue my interests in international development at the professional level. My thanks to all the SPP staff and good luck to all the new and current students.”

Martina Vojtkova, MSc Public Policy, 2009-2010.

Professor Robert Hazell (Photo credit: UCL)

Careers tutor

"In my life I have had four careers, so I know a lot about recruitment, from both sides.

I look forward to sharing that knowledge with you."

Helen West, UCL Careers (Photo credit: UCL)

UCL Careers

A video from Helen West (UCL Careers)

UCL Careers is available to provide advice and guidance to all students registered at UCL.

United Nations, New York (Photo credit: UN Photo)

Student Destinations

Details of graduate destinations from our past student cohorts. The information comes from the UCL destinations tool and uses data from the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey.