Department of Political Science


Fatima Naimi

Hello! My name is Fatima Naimi and I study the BSc in Politics and International Relations at University College London. I initially applied to UCL because it stood out to me as a world renowned, diverse and innovative institution which values personal development as much as academic success. I knew that I would be part of the first cohort to study the PIR programme at UCL and after doing my research, it became clear to me that the Department of Political Science had done their due diligence when creating this programme. PIR at UCL combines the best of what other institutions offer as well as introducing creative modules and assessment methods to ensure an exciting and wholesome learning experience. My favourite module this year has been ‘Justice and Public Policy’. It is a political philosophy module and having studied philosophy at A-level, I immediately knew that this would be a favourite of mine. We study a range of interesting topics from the ethics of torture and hate speech to mass surveillance; it’s a module that is never tiresome.

Online learning presents its own challenges but becomes easier over time. Our professors have taken every measure possible to ensure that we receive quality education despite the difficult terrain we are all trying to navigate.

UCL has become my home though I still find myself in utter awe and disbelief every time I pass by our beautiful Wilkins Building. There is an abundance of opportunities to pursue our personal interests thanks to our Students’ Union through which I have started my own society. The Afghan Society has become my passion project and running it gives me a sense of fulfilment outside of the classroom. From the get-go, I was able to attend events organised by our brilliant Careers Department who frequently invite external speakers and leading firms to advise us on a wide range of careers related topics.

Once I graduate, I hope to pursue a career in government or corporate law. It is my ultimate dream to, at some point, establish my own charitable organisation that would contribute to nation-building efforts in Afghanistan and Central Asia. I have every confidence that UCL and my department, in particular, will support me with my studies and career options throughout the remainder of my degree. I am excited for what the future holds and would highly recommend this programme to anybody who is passionate about politics, current affairs and would like to pursue a career in politics, law, journalism or other related subjects.